Easter Sunday 2018

Happy Easter!

I hope that you’re reading this in your comfy spot with a nice cup of tea and a chocolate or hot cross bun!

I thought I’d give you a “behind the scenes look” into how I prepare for our Easter Sunday Brunch we enjoy with our families.

I had intended to get a lot done on Friday but the heat, procrastination and distraction of setting up a tent and a practice sleep-out before our real trip in a few weeks saw most of it happen on Saturday.


  • Prepare menu
  • Write shopping list


  • Write a to do list. I absolutely love my LBD planner from Leanne Baker/Padtastic (sold out for 2018 but orders will be opening soon for 2019 planners) for mapping out my days/lists
  • Tidied
  • Dusted
  • Cleaned bathroom/toilet
  • Grocery shop
  • Setting up of table outside
  • Getting out all plates/bowls/cutlery/glassware/cups and saucers and coffee mugs/serving platters/serving utensils
  • Getting out all tablecloths/napkins/table decorations
  • Getting out appliances such as coffee percolator/hand mixer and frying pans
  • Vacuuming/mopping
  • Relaxing bath


  • Wake up early to dress the table (I would ordinarily do this the night before but as we were hosting outside I couldn’t do that this time)
  • Ensure dishwasher is empty ready to load dishes as soon as each meal is over
  • Prep fruit and whip cream, refrigerate
  • Cook bacon, mushroom, roast cherry tomatoes and toast, keep warm. Cook eggs just before eating
  • Grill hot cross buns and keep warm
  • Reheat crepes and keep warm
  • Take photographs for blog
  • Get dressed and do make up
  • Welcome family enjoy the savoury portion of brunch
  • Clean away dishes/set up the Easter Egg Hunt
  • Enjoy Easter Egg Hunt with the kids
  • Bring out the sweet portion of brunch
  • Relax with family
  • Load dishwasher/wash up/launder tablecloths
  • Pack away tables and chairs

I know this sounds a lot of work but my husband and I are a really good team, we get it done quickly, we pre-do as much as possible so we can enjoy the company of our family when they’re here and we absolutely love it, especially now with our own kids and our niece and nephew.

Happy Easter from the Oates’!

Do you take time to celebrate Easter with family and friends? Tell me what you’ve been up to!