Getting Organised for 2018 – Launch Pad

Last week I shared our Command Centre. Today I share our Launch Pad.

Do you find yourself trying to find your car keys/purse/wallet/phone/bag/shoes etc whilst also trying to get out the door in the morning? No fun at all! Our Launch Pad came about when I was preparing to go back to work after having Miss 6. I wanted somewhere to store all our bags so that we weren’t trying to find them when rushing out the door in the morning. It was a great place for storing the nappy bag/daycare bag etc and has evolved from there.

This is our Launch Pad.

This is the place where we store all the stuff we need to get out the door in the morning – bags, sunglasses, items we need to take with us etc.

Here is my handbag, our daughters epipen, a hat for hubby, an umbrella for Master 4, a plastic bag with my daughters old school bottoms to give to a friend for her daughter this year and a plastic bag of bags which we give to or daycare centre for rubbish/dirty nappies.

All the sunglasses, a spare epipen and a selfie stick – don’t judge, they have their purpose 😜.

is cupboard I store any items that we need to give/return to other people. I have a few items in here at the moment but they should all be dispersed by Australia Day. On the top shelf I store the kids swim bags, ready to go. The kids lessons are very early on their respective days so it's good to know they are there ready to go when you're rushing out the door!

e other side of the cupboard are the kids school bags. Master 4 still goes to daycare so his sheets and hat are in the bag, ready to go. We just add his drink bottle before we walk out the door. Miss 6 is heading into year 2. Miss 6 is responsible for emptying out her lunchbox and drink bottle and putting the bag in the cupboard. All we need to do in the morning is re-add a full lunch box and drink bottle and head out the door. The box at the bottom has our picnic rug, umbrella's and gloves ready to go.

mer addition is this great bag from IKEA. It has all our swimmers and towels in it and clean underwear for once we're out of the water. This means we can head out the door at a moments notice for a trip to the beach or Mum O's house!

Our Launch Pad has removed the stress of trying to locate items when rushing out the door in the morning. I catch a train three days a week and am conscious of the time we are heading out the door and no one wants to start the day frazzled and leaving their loved ones in a grumpy mood. The added bonus is it eases the mental load knowing that everything is here where it should be and hubby knows where it all is too, thus sharing the load with someone else.

Do you have a Launch Pad in your home? Have I inspired you to create one?

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