Our $9 mini bedroom makeover!

We have had our previous bed spread on our bed since 2014!  This is a long time for me as I usually like to mix things up.

This is what our bedroom looked like before Mr 4 and I hit the shops on Friday morning. 

I can’t remember if I received a catalogue/saw it on Instagram/received an email, but I came across this $9 quilt cover at Big W and wanted to get in store and check it out. 

And whilst I was at it I also wanted to look at these:

So what did I come away with for our master bedroom?

The $9.00 bed spread. I couldn’t believe it. We have a queen bed with king size doona. $9.00 no matter what size cover you are buying. It is a microfibres/polyester blend so no luxurious fabrics here but I feels so lovely and soft!

2 x white euro pillow cases – $5.00 each

2 x white U shape pillow cases – $5.00 each

1 x grey/blue velvet cushion – $7.00

1 x candle – $15.00

Grand total – $51.00

Okay, so the title of this post was a bit click bait-y but I’ve got to get you reading somehow 😉. 

The after?  Well not only do I have one, but two…

I’ve sold this to hubby as a 2 for 1 offer because the quilt cover and pillow cases are double sided!

I purchased this candle which I think looks beautiful. We had to remove it from our bedroom Friday night though because the scent was a little too strong for us.  I’ll probably move it to the side table next to my chair in the lounge room. 

I don’t usually have flowers on my bedside table but I was gifted these at a seminar I went to on Wednesday night. Cute, hey?

So what do you think?  Not bad for $51.00 and really only $36.00 because the candle came out of the room 😜. 

Have you picked a bargain up lately?  Share away. The above quilt cover comes in a few different designs, with blue the colour palette. 

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Tasmania – the gift that keeps on giving. 

In April, Hubby and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with 5 wonderful days in Tasmania. You can read about our trip and what we got up to here and here

We couldn’t have gone on this trip alone if it hadn’t been for Mum-O, my parents and the two aunties stepping in to look after the kids for us. 

As we travelled along the East Coast of Tasmania and inland to Cradle Mountain I popped in at some shops and strolled through Salamanca Markets. I considered items we could get these family members to thank them for having our children, but with certain members on decluttering missions and others with far too many tea towels to count, I didn’t want us to be adding to the clutter. 

We thought about what Tasmania does well and decided to buy some Tasmanian produce to give to our family and cook a Tasmanian themed dinner for them upon our return. 

Now unfortunately life and money got in the way for quite some time. Entertaining isn’t always cheap and with family who have weekend commitments due to work/volunteering etc it took us 5 months but we finally hosted these family members for dinner last Saturday night. 

This is what we served:

Oven baked crumbed Tasmanian Camembert with cranberry sauce. 

Tasmanian salman pie with garlic mash and green beans

Honey and lemon curd tart with blueberries made with Tasmanian stringybark honey. 

I selected Tasmanian Riesling and Tasmanian Apple Cider to serve with the meal. 

The food produce that we brought home for our family included some Tasmanian chocolate coated coffee beans, ginger chocolate, blueberry and raspberry jam and rhubarb syrup. 

Normally when I cook a meal like this, I don’t enjoy it. I don’t know why. My Dad is the same. But this meal, I thoroughly enjoyed!

Fathers Day 2017

Despite still needing to break up our kids fights/arguments, we had a really lovely day on yesterday. Here’s what we got up to. 

Mr 4 was up just after 6am so I took him out to the lounge room to give Hubby a sleep in. At 7am I started cooking up a big breakfast, set the table and prepared the drinks. First the chorizo then the hash browns, bacon, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. I prepared the eggs ready to cook after present opening. 

I grabbed the kids and we headed in to wake Hubby. Mr 4 had completed a questionnaire about his Daddy. Miss 6 made a noughts and crosses game at school and bought some headphones/car charger from the Fathers Day Stall at school. We bought him his favourite chocolates, new PJ’s, dressing gown and Mr 4 even picked out a new outfit for him. 

Eggs were cooked and tea/coffee/hot chocolates made and it was time to tuck in. 

We discussed our options for the day and decided to head out. Our weekends have been spent at home for quite some time due to illness and then doing yard work so it was great to escape for a day. After some googling, Hubby decided we’d go to the Illawarra Fly, somewhere he’s been wanting to do for a really long time. 

We bought our family ticket online for $70 (saving $10 by not buying at Illawarra Fly in person). Because this was a spontaneous decision, we didn’t realise the distance from home and the kids were “starving” upon arrival. We got the kids a snack to “get them through” the walk. 

The kids were really confused as to what you were meant to do here.  What do you mean you just go for a walk and enjoy being in nature?  They did enjoy having an activity to do which was supplied by Illawarra Fly, locating 6 etchings that they could do in their little activity books. 

It’s a 1.5km circuit through rainforest, onto elevated walkways and across two swaying springboard cantilevers suspended 25 metres above the forest floor with Knights Tower (a spiral tower) in the centre taking you 45 metres above the forest floor.

I think it took us 1hr 20mins to complete because we stopped to do all the etchings, look at wildlife, take photographs and enjoy the view. We also stopped to watch the people doing the Zipline Tour. 

After completing the walk we decided we’d head to The Scarborough Hotel for a late lunch. We’ve heard lots of good things about the food here and how wonderfully kid friendly it is and it must be true because there was a big sign up saying if you haven’t booked, the pub is full. Mental note for next time.  Plan B was some scallops and chips at Austinmer Beach. I ordered the food and Hubby and the kids played in the playground at the beach. Despite only ordering a little bit, the fish and chip shop threw in extras taking what was meant to be modest offerings a little further. 

Our final stop was what the kids had been looking forward to all day. Stanwell Tops for a soft serve ice cream and to see if the hang gliders were gliding.  Alas, the wind was blowing in the wrong direction and the ice cream melted way too fast but it was still lovely taking this view in. 

And one final piece of joy?  This sunset as we travelled along Appin Road, heading home.