Car Organisation

I spoiled the car today! Full tank of fuel and then a detail whilst I wandered through the homewares and furniture stores nearby. I also washed some items we keep in the car and it dawned on me that I haven’t shown you how I organise it.

Yes, the car gets organised too and it had been way too long between a tidy up, wash and vacuum. She also has a name, Mazzy (genius name I know for a Mazda but we got her when we were very sleep deprived new parents so please don’t judge 🤣).

In the glove box I store our car manual, some pens, the bracket for our iPad holder and an old pair of glasses. I wear contact lenses a lot but sometimes I might lose one and need to put my glasses on to drive home.

In the boot I store quite a few more items.

We have:

  • Foldable chairs.
  • Bucket and spade set x 2 for visits to the beach.
  • 2 x black towels. These are great as blankets for the kids in the car, to mop up messes, to be used for our dog after dog park trips. So good!
  • Picnic blanket for spontaneous and planned picnics.

You call also see that grey box there. It holds:

  • 2 x hats from Kmart for spontaneous park visits.
  • Cleaning and glass wipes.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • 2 x ponchos.
  • Umbrella.

I try and get the kids to help me keep the car tidy by taking everything out of the car, each time we exit. This doesn’t always work and I’ll come out with a rubbish bag occasionally for the balance of any items.

Doesn’t she look all pretty now!

Oh and for anyone wanting to now, Mazzy is a Mazda 6 Turbo Diesel Wagon, 2011 model. We absolutely love her and I can’t see us moving to another manufacturer, we lover her that much!

So, do you have regular routine with your car? Is it something you keep on top of let out of control like I do sometimes?

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