KonMari • Kids wardrobe cleanout

With the warmer weather on its way, I thought I would take the opportunity to go through the kids wardrobes and clean out the old, organise what currently fits and make a note of what we need going forward. 

Miss 5:

So many clothes! Her winter drawer became too cluttered, I couldn’t close the drawer properly!

As with the KonMari Method, I pulled all the clothes out and laid them on her bed. I got Miss 5 into her room to try on anything I wasn’t sure would fit her, discarded anything not fit for passing down to my niece, bagged up items for my niece and returned current items that fit to the drawers/wardrobe. 

From going through this process, I know Miss 5 needs:

  1. Raincoat
  2. Swimwear
  3. Pink converse
  4. Black boots
  5. Black ballet flats
  6. Silver/gold sandals
  7. Thongs

Master 3:
I followed the same system for Master 3 of pulling everything out. A number of items needed to go as they were a size 2 and far too short on him now.  I use the Scubb boxes from IKEA to sort like items together in his drawers. This works especially for my husband as the clothes for daycare go in the larger boxes. 

From going through this process, I know Master 3 needs:

  1. Swimwear
  2. Size 3/4 singlets
  3. Daycare hat
  4. Winter daycare clothes
  5. Home sandals
  6. Thongs
  7. Kicker shoes

Out of their rooms came a bag of clothes each, a bag of shoes from Miss 5, a small bag for a friend from Master 3 and a bag of linen for donation. 

How often do you clean out your kids clothes?  I aim to do it seasonally. 

It’s my birthday!

Good morning!  Would you believe it’s my birthday today!  Yep!

33 years old and perfectly happy with it, thank you!

Some of my friends have a real issue with ageing each year. Whether they are my age, younger or older and I just don’t get it!  Sure there are a few greys creeping  in, but nothing a bit of hair dye can’t fix!

Today has brought cuddles, a cup of tea and presents in bed from my hubby and kids. Hubby then took Mr 3 off to daycare and headed to work and I get to spend the day with Miss 5. 

A bit of breakfast in our fave cafe. 

Home to get Miss 5’s hair in a perfect bun. 

Dance exams. 

A special treat for Miss 5 who had her ears pierced. 

Then the afternoon will be ours before heading out to dinner with some of our family. 

Tell me, what do you like to do on your birthday?  Do you make a fuss or is it a bit of a non-event?  Do you mind ageing?

Fathers Day • 2016

On Saturday afternoon/evening we celebrated the occasion with my Dad. Unfortunately my brother had to work but the rest of us got together at our house for a yummy cheese platter, wine, main and dessert.

My sister-in-law puts together a mean cheese platter so that’s what I asked her to bring. On Saturday she brought Smoked Dutch Cheese, Ash Brie, Caremalised French Onion dip and an assortment of biscuits. 

I wanted to spend time with my family, and not stuck in the kitchen so I decided to make BabyMac’s Chorizo Chicken. A one pan dish that goes in the oven! 🙌🏻. It was delish and everyone thought so. It doesn’t look very pretty below though …

My Dad was born in Holland and emigrated to Australia when he was 18 months old. Dutch traditions continued when his family moved to Australia, one of them being Ollibollen (basically a donut ball with raisins and apples inside). Whilst the tradition is that it be made on New Years Eve, it was lovely to have Dad bring this in Saturday. 

On Sunday it was all about my Hubby. The kids made beautiful crafts at school/daycare. Miss 5 selected a game to play with Daddy and something to help him locate his keys. I indulged him with a favourite chocolate, bought in bulk from the Lindt outlet. Shopping at Levi’s in the near future will complete the gift giving. 

Hubby requested a Mediterranean omelette for breakfast on Sunday. This is what I came up with:

Eggs, chorizo, sundried tomato, chives, olive oil and fresh bread.

Served in bed with love, presents and cuddles. 
The balance of the day was spent with a trip to a local cafe for lunch and a bush walk in the glorious weather in the afternoon.

Plastics Cupboard • Organised

Life is very exciting, isn’t it!  A blog post about the plastics/Tupperware cupboard. Yet when you mention this cupboard to most people a little groan escapes from their mouth, usually accompanied by an eye roll. It is one cupboard that never stays tidy!

I have had my very own Tupperware cupboard for nearly 12 years and for 10 to 11 years it was a constant battle to keep it tidy. But then I tried another way of keeping it tidy friends, and it has stayed this way. 

I swear, hand on heart, that I did not have to tidy this cupboard before quickly snapping this photo on my way out the door yesterday morning. 

It honestly stays that tidy all the time. The only thing missing from this cupboard at the time of taking this photo is my daughters lunch bag which I store at the front of the bottom shelf. 

So, shelf by shelf:

Bottom – IKEA ice block containers. Various size plastic containers. I stack like sizes with each other. Rectangle, square and round. 

Middle – Tupperware marinading tray, Tupperware round container which I generally use for fruit salad, larger plastic containers, bubbles (they don’t really belong here but a good place, up high, that I can hide them from the kids!) and a container that I can store all the lids in. This must be what the game changer is because about 12 to 24 months ago I started storing the lids separately and the cupboard now stays tidy. Promise!

Top – 24 cupcake caddy. I bought this from Aldi three or so years ago and it is the best. Great for transporting cupcakes to school/daycare/work/parties etc!  To the right, the Tupperware cake box. Also very handy for transporting cakes to the same places. Have also taken homemade creations to restaurants in this as well. 

So friends, that’s my Tupperware cupboard!

Now I feel this goes without saying, but for it to stay this way, you need to return things to the cupboard properly. 

See below for prettier, inspiring pics – all from Pinterest. 

Is your Tupperware cupboard a constant battle to keep organised and tidy?  Will you give my way a go?