My first job!

So I am a little bit excited!  My wonderful friend has asked me (ME!!!) to help her bring her home to life and to have her home reflect her and her girls.

Like most of us, money is tight, especially at this time of year post Christmas and the purchasing of all the Back to School supplies.  This makeover will be over an extended period of time but step one has already made a big difference.

The brief:

To create a space that feels welcoming, homely, fun, happy and like me.

Kyly purchased a new lounge and some cushions for it 6 or so months ago.  The cushions were $20 each from Big W and the pinks and oranges are the primary source of inspiration for this makeover.  Kyly has been a lover of pink since I’ve known her in 1995, and well before then.

As you walk into Kyly’s home there is very short hallway that brings you to her living room.  The wall is just over 2 metres long.  There is a beautiful artwork there signifying that this is a home that has a child living with Cystic Fibrosis here which prompts you to clean your hands upon arrival.  Kyly wanted to create more of a welcome along this wall and I was only too happy to help.

We started by sourcing a few bits and pieces to go on this wall.  I located the mirror at Trade Secret for $20.00 and the art print from Big W for $12.00.  We went to Typo to purchase the letters K, I and A (3 letters for $10.00) and I stopped in at IKEA on my way up to Kyly’s place to purchase 5 FISKBO frames ($1.49 each).

Once I arrived and we had a little chat, we collated all the items and discussed how we would lay the items out and ultimately hand them on the wall.

I then shocked/scared Kyly a bit with the suggestion that we were going to create our own art.  DIY art.  We’ve discussed this before but I don’t think she was expecting it to appear right be her front door.  After dinner I got the paints out and we pulled up Pinterest for some ideas.  This is what we came up with:

We headed to bed, ready to put it all together on Sunday.

Sunday came and after a lovely beach-side breakfast and trip to Typo for the letters, we commenced hanging things on the wall.

We centred the mirror on the wall at the perfect height for Kyly to have a quick check of herself as she walks out the door.  We then commenced hanging the balance of the items around the mirror.  This is what we came up with:

Kyly says:

“It makes me smile every time I walk in the door and see that wall. It has made me feel so excited to see how amazing my wall looks and to think about what else we have in store!”

Her two girls squealed with delight and loved their letters so I guess it was a win with them too!

The total cost of this makeover is $46.90 ($12.00 Big W print, $20.00 mirror, $7.45 Ikea frames, $10.00 typo letters).

So tell me… have you been inspired by my entryway or this one?  Do you like to do a bit of DIY art? 

Little Girls Room • Inspiration

Hi there!  It’s been lovely trawling through Pinterest, pulling together some design inspiration for you! 

Let’s get into it!

A great pop of colour with the feature wall and pillow cases. Such fun!

I like the use of the narrow shelves for children’s books. 

I’m not a fan of bedding with characters blazoned across them. If you are, go for it. Each to there own. I love the use of pink and blue together above and below. 

A slightly darker look, but well balanced with the white wainscoting and bedding. 

Fit for a Princess!  I love looking at Pottery Barn Kids!

Another ‘Princessy’ room. 

I love this!  Making the bed would be so hard, but a great use of space and lots of fun for the little lady in the room. 

Can you see a common theme through most of those pictures above?  I love using pink and blue together, which I did in Miss 5’s room. 

Some other colour themes to consider:

As I said Monday, I feel that little girls rooms (and really, all bedrooms) should feel calm, relaxing and inviting and I think less is more. I like white furniture, just enough storage and a small amount of toys (not always possible – we are lucky and have a playroom). 

And you know how I mentioned that I wanted to frame the mobile from Kmart as the art above Miss 5’s bed?  Turns out it wasn’t an original idea, I found someone else had already done it when I came across this picture on Pinterest. 

So there you have it!  Hopefully something there has inspired you if you’re looking to update your little girls room. 

Tell me, what did you love about your bedroom growing up?  Fave colour combo?

Nursery • Inspiration

Good morning all!  I’ve been doing some pinning and Googling and have found some lovely nurseries to inspire you if you’re expecting soon.

The absolute basics to be included in a nursery include:

  • Somewhere safe for your baby to sleep.
  • Somewhere safe for your baby to be changed.
  • Somewhere to store your baby’s clothes, nappies etc

My husband also suggests:

  • An airtight bin.

In my mind, that’s it!  They are the basics. I also suggest sticking with white or a timber finish with your furniture as these items are big ticket items that you don’t want to have to purchase again should your tastes change or trends change between children.

But, I love to create a space that is relaxing, organised and beautiful too. Here are some pics for you to go “goo-goo, ga-ga” over:

Optional extras:

  • Bassinette
  • Seating – armchair/rocking chair
  • Art/décor

When pulling the rest of the room together, consider:

  • Budget.
  • How you want the space to look.
  • What would you like to have in the room. Rocking chairs? Toy storage? Bassinette?

When it comes to décor, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. For creating art, there are a lot of free images to be downloaded off the internet, easily searchable through Google and Pinterest and very affordable art on Etsy and Instagram. Frames are also very affordable in $2 stores, Kmart and IKEA.

Soft furnishings?  I tend to look at Spotlight, Kmart, Target, Adairs, Treehouse and other stores available locally.  I also love Google and will spend time getting ideas and inspiration there.  When re-doing our nursery for our son, I ended up buying material on sale at Spotlight and making my own cot quilt cover as anything similar I found online was over $100.00 for the cot quilt cover alone!

Consider items given to you as gifts.  How many stuffed toys does a baby need?  Use those as decor items around the room.

What would I do now if I was expecting? (which I am not!!!)

I would love to use these colours in a girls nursery. So calming and restful!

My son’s room currently has these colours and I wouldn’t change it. Still loving it!

I’ll be sharing his updated room with you all next week!

Master Bedroom • Inspiration

Good morning friends!  Grab a cuppa and take yourself off to dreamland with these Master Bedrooms  sourced through Pinterest.

As I said on Monday, your Master Bedroom should feel like a sanctuary. It’s the place you spend a third of your life and the place you are meant to rest and recover.


Clean lines, the use of a nook above the bed to place items that might otherwise appear on a bedside table and simplified.


I love the textured look. The roughness of the brick work, the softness underfoot with the rug, the textures and softness of the bedding – dreamy!


I like the drama created with the four poster bed shown above pared back with the minimal accessories. I love the look of the pale wood used in Scandi design.


These rooms look so very cosy!  Great for snuggles on a cold winters day. I like how each of these rooms are balanced and symmetrical.

My current dream:

I’m torn between the two above rooms. I love the light, airy feel of the first room and the dark, cosy feel of the second room.

So, what does your dream room look like?  Do you already have it? Is it something you are working towards?

If you’d like to refer to my Pinterest boards for some inspiration, click here.

I hope you all have a lovely long weekend. Please leave some feedback about your room, or anything really, either below or on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you!

Gallery ideas

On Monday I shared our hallway with you and today I thought I would talk more about the make-up of the actual photographs and provide some options for hanging your family portraits.

As I said on Monday, I asked my family to all wear tones of blue or white for our photo shoot. When I was looking at Google images or Pinterest, the thing that stood out to me was that by wearing colours from the same or similar colour families, the photographs looked more harmonious.

See below:

Whether it be blues and whites, blacks and whites, creams and browns, pastels, creams and burgandys etc, by wearing similar tones to each other, you end up with more cohesive photos.

I also found some ideas on ways to formulate the photograph composition from this article. . This article certainly gives me some ideas for when I take some photographs of my girlfriend and her two little girls.

And finally, once you’ve had your photographs taken and they’ve been printed, you need to hang them and enjoy them:

And I’ll leave you now with my favourite image from Pinterest:

Feel free to go and check out my Pinterest boards here and here.

Inspiration images • Entry

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures from our entry. As I said, next week I’ll share with you how I organise the space to help us get out the door quicker each morning.

Today though, I thought I would share some design ideas to help inspire you to change up your entry.

This is a more industrial look and I love the look of metal and timber together. I like that it is a practical piece with plenty of storage for coats and hats, bags and shoes and  somewhere to sit to put your shoes on or assist your little ones to get ready.

This is a Scandinavian inspired look and I like the minimal look, use of light colours and dark accents. Whilst there is not enough storage here for my family of 4, it does look pretty!
Image credit –

This is quite a formal entry typically see in Georgian houses. I love the grand feeling and symmetry with the columns and the balance of the dresser on one wall and seat opposite. I also love the pop of colour on the front door.

Hello, Art Deco!  I love the use of pattern in Art Deco design. Here the floor has presumably been inset into the floorboards giving a ‘runner’ like effect. Certainly helps to define the space and draw you into the room.

Definitely all my husband and I would need if it was just the two of us. Basic but looks good!

Lots of storage here so a winner in my eyes. I’d probably place baskets in the spaces to the right to conceal all the stuff and have an open console table on the left.

And finally, my favourite image:

I love the white walls, the pop of colours in the rug and the use of the turquoise on the front door. So much natural light!

Any questions about your entry you’d like answered?  Did you play around with your own entry?

Until Monday,