Nursery • Organisation

Over the past two weeks I have shown you our nursery we used for both our kids, some nursery inspiration and how we changed my son’s room from nursery to little boys room. Today, I’ll talk you through how I organised the nursery.

There are no built-in closets in this bedroom so any storage pieces had to be purchased. I decided one piece could do double duty – our change table would need to have drawers.

We purchased a Boori change table with 4 drawers underneath. In the top drawer I stored bibs, singlets, socks and cloth nappies along with creams and baby grooming supplies like scissors and nail clippers. I strongly recommend purchasing the little drawer box organisers like those pictured here as all this stuff is so tiny and can get mixed up easily.

In the second drawer I stored clothes that the baby fitted into and in the third drawer I stored the next size up.
In the fourth drawer I stored surplus cloth nappies and all the baby bedding and wraps.

The wardrobe: We didn’t need much hanging space for the kids clothes so I just used the top rod for clothing and then stored clothes that wouldn’t be fitting for a while underneath.

As shoes became a part of their lives, they started going into the top drawer of the wardrobe. The remaining drawers either remained empty or housed spare coat hangers.

We had a bookcase in this room which housed some decor items and spare boxes of nappies and wipes.

My main piece of advice is to keep the nursery as clutter free and tidy as you can. If you are spending many hours in the room pacing or madly dashing in at 3am bleary eyed and confused, you do not want to trip over something!

More advice? Purchase some plastic tubs with lids. As soon as my daughter grew out of a size, I would box them up, label the box eg, 0000 and pop up in our roof for storage as I knew we would be having another baby. When my son was done with each size, I passed gender neutral clothes to my sister-in-law for her future daughter and boy clothes to my cousin for her son. I strongly recommend dealing with this as you go because there is nothing more frustrating than continually going to put your kid in clothes to realise they don’t fit.

Some inspirational images of organisational ideas:

Links to the above images can be located through this Pinterest board.

Although my son is only 3, I’ve found it hard to remember everything so if you’ve got any questions you’d like answered, please send them through!

Nursery to Little Boys Room

When Master 3 was born and I knew we’d had a little boy, I was itching to re-do his room. I held off because two kids under 2, money, possibility of husband going mental etc. The urge only increased though when one of my Aunty and Uncles bought my son this baby rattle.

Blue, red and white. Swoon!

I fell so in love with this colour combination, I started dressing him in it, frequently! Pinterest had also entered my life and I was pinning madly!

By the time my son turned 18 months, I worked up the courage to mention painting to my husband. You see, we both HATE painting! Thankfully, he was on board and let me go for it.

This room gets a lot of light through the window and we have white furniture. I thought I would be game and paint the room navy. I then became even more bold and decided I would also paint red and grey stripes on the wall!

Painting the stripes was hard work! A few meltdowns were had by me in the process of setting the tape up. We purchased a laser spirit level but it was hard to get it to stick to the wall, see the line and put the tape up. All the hard work was worth it though and I loved the end result.

I purchased a few decor items (Darren Palmer says “NO” to Knicks knacks) to go on the wardrobe.

I then got a little creative and painted these artworks. I got the idea from Etsy, but didn’t have the budget to purchase art so did it myself.

I also purchased a frame from Kmart and printed some photos of my son with loved ones.

The other artworks are a free printable I sourced through Pinterest and then I had a funny idea of framing my favourite onesie I bought him just after he was born. I loved it.

Bedding. I googled and googled and when I came across something in the blue/red/grey theme it usually also came with a hefty price tag. With thanks to a new line of fabrics at Spotlight I was able to purchase some navy and red fabric to make a cot quilt cover. Purchasing a new cot quilt was also going to be expensive, so I used the Peter Rabbit one as the insert and then made a pillow slip like cover to put over it. Wallah!
The ceiling lamp shade was purchased from IKEA. The other lamp was purchased from Aldi I think.

I still love this room 18 months on and although I haven’t got round to reupholstering the rocking chair, I still love to sit in it and sing good night songs to my son at bedtime.

Nursery • Inspiration

Good morning all!  I’ve been doing some pinning and Googling and have found some lovely nurseries to inspire you if you’re expecting soon.

The absolute basics to be included in a nursery include:

  • Somewhere safe for your baby to sleep.
  • Somewhere safe for your baby to be changed.
  • Somewhere to store your baby’s clothes, nappies etc

My husband also suggests:

  • An airtight bin.

In my mind, that’s it!  They are the basics. I also suggest sticking with white or a timber finish with your furniture as these items are big ticket items that you don’t want to have to purchase again should your tastes change or trends change between children.

But, I love to create a space that is relaxing, organised and beautiful too. Here are some pics for you to go “goo-goo, ga-ga” over:

Optional extras:

  • Bassinette
  • Seating – armchair/rocking chair
  • Art/décor

When pulling the rest of the room together, consider:

  • Budget.
  • How you want the space to look.
  • What would you like to have in the room. Rocking chairs? Toy storage? Bassinette?

When it comes to décor, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. For creating art, there are a lot of free images to be downloaded off the internet, easily searchable through Google and Pinterest and very affordable art on Etsy and Instagram. Frames are also very affordable in $2 stores, Kmart and IKEA.

Soft furnishings?  I tend to look at Spotlight, Kmart, Target, Adairs, Treehouse and other stores available locally.  I also love Google and will spend time getting ideas and inspiration there.  When re-doing our nursery for our son, I ended up buying material on sale at Spotlight and making my own cot quilt cover as anything similar I found online was over $100.00 for the cot quilt cover alone!

Consider items given to you as gifts.  How many stuffed toys does a baby need?  Use those as decor items around the room.

What would I do now if I was expecting? (which I am not!!!)

I would love to use these colours in a girls nursery. So calming and restful!

My son’s room currently has these colours and I wouldn’t change it. Still loving it!

I’ll be sharing his updated room with you all next week!


These are some old shots of the room we used as our nursery. It has now evolved into a little boys room for Master 3 which I did when he was about 18 months old.

When we found out we were pregnant with Miss 5, we knew that we didn’t want to know the gender and therefore I wanted to create a gender neutral room. When purchasing baby gifts for friends, I was reminded of Beatrix Potter and her friends and knew this was the theme I wanted to run with. And run with it I did!

When I look at the photographs now, I can’t help but think I may have gone over the top, but that’s the thing with our personal style and design choices. They evolve over time.

I had also fallen in love with the sleigh style of cot so we started off by purchasing the Boori cot and change table. My mother-in-law was looking to replace her small wardrobe she housed seasonal coats etc in and I thought it perfect for a nursery. It was stained, not painted so we sanded it back and gave it a few coats of white paint. Perfect! We purchased the rocking chair off eBay.

It was then that I started having trouble locating the soft furnishings for the nursery. Couldn’t find anything, anywhere! Books and soft toys were about but not any bedding etc. I took to eBay and UK shopping sites with a vengeance. Slowly I found a bassinet blanket and quilt, a cot quilt and some fabric. Other Beatrix Potter items purchased online included a tissue box holder, bin, nappy pale, cotton tip/bud holder – basically = ridiculous!!!

I then asked a dear friend to help me re-upholster the rocking chair and ottoman with the Beatrix Potter fabric. He used the left over fabric for making our baby gift of customised bath towels and wraps. So lucky!

We had painted all the bedrooms this light blue a few years before and knew that this colour could easily be “girlified” with pink if we had a baby girl with some Jemima Puddle Duck accessories.

Such was my excitement that we had a baby on the way, most of the items had been purchased and delivered by the time I would have been 20 weeks. This allowed me plenty of time to “get it right”.

I wanted to be a bit crafty as well in the room and set about with some long stitch. Two to do as we didn’t know what we were having!

I also needed to create a light fitting and came across an idea online somewhere (Pinterest didn’t exist then). This is how that turned out.

It was all done and ready with plenty of time to spare.

I loved this room and whilst my idea of spending lots of time in here breastfeeding the baby in the rocking chair didn’t eventuate (hello 1 hour long breastfeeds and comfy lounge/TV) it was still a lovely room to come to for nappy changes and bed times.

When my son was born, we pulled back on the Jemima’s and inserted Peter Rabbit.

I will share with you soon how we have changed Master 3’s room.

Burnt butter and sage gnocchi

So, what are you having for dinner tonight?  If you need to pop down to the supermarket to grab something – maybe grab these ingredients:

  • 100g unsalted butter, chopped
  • 16-20 small sage leaves
  • 800g gnocchi, cooked
  • 1 cup parmesan cheese, shaved or grated
  • Pink salt flakes
  • And the surprise ingredient – HONEY!

My husband and I visited a local Italian restaurant in April for our wedding anniversary. My entrée was burnt butter and sage gnocchi. When the meal arrived, it looked delicious and when I tasted it, I was amazed at how good it was and the surprise taste of honey added to the dish.


  1. Place chopped butter into a large frying pan over medium heat. Cook until melted then add sage leaves to pan. Cook butter and sage leaves, swirling pan often, for 4-5 minutes or until sage leaves are crisp and butter has turned a deep nut-brown colour. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  2. It was at this stage that I added a good drizzle of honey to the pan to allow it to melt into the sauce.
  3. Add gnocchi to frying pan and toss to coat in burnt sage butter. To serve, divide gnocchi among bowls, spooning over any burnt butter that is left in the frying pan. Sprinkle with parmesan and pink salt and enjoy immediately.

I thought it needed more honey but my husband thought it was just right and the kids ate it too!

Long Weekends

The long weekend is something we all crave for! I don’t know about you, but I like to look ahead at my diary and see when they are and see if I should be getting in early and putting in for an annual leave day off work to make it stretch that little bit further!

This long weekend has been lovely. We didn’t go away but we got to:

  • follow our usual routine of Saturday sports
  • attend the first of many Kindergarten birthday parties
  • go to our friends for dinner
  • take Sunday morning slowly (my husband got the sleep in)
  • go to my brothers new place and enjoy some time in the sunshine, and a lovely barbecue lunch
  • take things slowly Sunday afternoon

Normally that’s where it ends.  But no, we also got to

  • take Monday morning slowly (my turn for a sleep in!)
  • spend time with the kids playing, teaching my daughter how to do a blanket stitch for a craft project
  • spend time in the kitchen trying a new recipe

It was simply lovely.

Our kids are at an age now where we could let them go off with their friends on Saturday night and have an adult conversation with our friends.  The same pretty much went for when we were at my brothers house.  I sat outside and let the sun wash over me as I chatted with my brother whilst he cooked lunch.  It was divine!

There was also A LOT of this:

And this:

And there was also a lot of study.  I completed the floor plan and elevations for 5 booths in an antique bazaar and my first 1st point perspective drawing and 2nd point perspective drawings.

So tell me, did you get to go away this weekend?  Did you just take it easy like we did?


Vivid Festival 2016

Hi everyone!  With the long weekend here in Australia this weekend I thought I would do a quick post about our night out last night in case you’re looking for something to do this weekend. 

My husband loves heading into Sydney for Vivid. I like the idea of it but late nights, young children and crowds don’t do it for me. Thankfully, all the planets aligned and it was a pretty enjoyable evening.

For me to enjoy an evening out like this, I need to feel organised. I ensured I had extra warm layers in a backpack ready to go, afternoon tea for the kids to eat in a container for the drive in, Frozen on the iPad for the drive in and pyjamas for changing into back at the car at the end of the evening. 

We live 45 minutes from Sydney on a good day, forever away on a bad day. I was driving in alone with the kids and didn’t want to feel drained from constant whinging/question asking before we got there. 

We picked my husband up from his work and got takeaway for dinner which we ate in the car as we completed our car ride in. I didn’t want to (a) spend a fortune on dinner in Sydney and (b) spend an hour of our limited time eating dinner.  I thought we had about two hours in our kids and there is a lot to see in that time. 

For convenience, we parked in the Opera House car park. Entry after 5pm is $38. By pre-booking through Wilson Parking you will save you $5.

Our first stop was the toilets along the Opera Bar for cleanliness factor. No one likes porta-loos!  We then headed up to the Botanic Gardens. It’s only a short circuit but well worth it for this

Isn’t the look of wonder from the kids something wonderful!

My daughters photo:

These are the images of the Opera House I snapped during the night

We began making our way around to The Rocks side of Circular Quay

It’s worth a stop at Customs House to watch the short film projected on the side of the building. It doesn’t go for long and if you get there in the middle of it, it starts again in 30 seconds. It reminded me of a video game and the kids enjoyed it!  I was too busy watching it and didn’t take any pictures. 

One of the Harbour Bridge

We stopped once we were around at Campbell’s Cove and had a hot chocolate and rest for the kids, continued on and looked at the sculptures around there and then started walking back to the car at the Opera House. 

The kids became very tired at this point but were real troopers heading through the thick crowds. By the time we neared the Dendy, Miss 5 ended up on Daddy’s shoulders and by the time we neared the Opera House, Master 3 was on Daddy’s front. Can we say “Super Daddy”?

It was then time for final toilet stop and heading to the car. We then used the boot of the car to get the kids into their pyjamas, into their seats and under blankets for the drive home. 

Vivid Sydney concludes 18 June 2016 and I strongly suggest heading in. We might head in one more time to see what’s on offer at Taronga Zoo. We’ll see if we can fit that in in the coming week!

Master Bedroom • Inspiration

Good morning friends!  Grab a cuppa and take yourself off to dreamland with these Master Bedrooms  sourced through Pinterest.

As I said on Monday, your Master Bedroom should feel like a sanctuary. It’s the place you spend a third of your life and the place you are meant to rest and recover.


Clean lines, the use of a nook above the bed to place items that might otherwise appear on a bedside table and simplified.


I love the textured look. The roughness of the brick work, the softness underfoot with the rug, the textures and softness of the bedding – dreamy!


I like the drama created with the four poster bed shown above pared back with the minimal accessories. I love the look of the pale wood used in Scandi design.


These rooms look so very cosy!  Great for snuggles on a cold winters day. I like how each of these rooms are balanced and symmetrical.

My current dream:

I’m torn between the two above rooms. I love the light, airy feel of the first room and the dark, cosy feel of the second room.

So, what does your dream room look like?  Do you already have it? Is it something you are working towards?

If you’d like to refer to my Pinterest boards for some inspiration, click here.

I hope you all have a lovely long weekend. Please leave some feedback about your room, or anything really, either below or on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you!

Master Bedroom • Design

Ah the room of the house that is meant to be our sanctuary. If I wasn’t so tired by the time I walk in here at night, maybe I would think about it more in that way.

This room has seen a few makeovers since we moved in, in 2004. I can’t recall the original colour of the room but on a trip to Noosa in January 2005 (where I also got whooping cough!) I came across a teal throw and euro cushion covers. I fell in love with the colour and so it came home with us and a feature wall was painted and lamp bases bought to go with it. Can anyone say “too much!!!”.


After this we went to light blue throughout and painted the other 3 bedrooms this colour too.


We purchased the timber furniture about 7 years ago. Here’s a lesson in communication. I thought my husband wanted timber so I agreed with him as he doesn’t make many design decisions in the house. When I ‘confessed’ to him last year that I wish we’d bought white but that I knew he’d wanted timber, he said I should have said something at the time as he didn’t mind. Oh well!

Don’t get me wrong. I do like our room although I think the thing I love the most (other than my husband of course!) is the artwork.

I came across Celeste Wrona of Scissors Paper Brush at a market about 10 months ago. I immediately fell in love with her work and was lucky enough to receive a gift voucher from my mum-in-law for Christmas. I attended the next market I could and selected two Release III and one Release IV and I have popped them in RIBBA frames for now, but hope to frame them properly one day.  I love laying in bed and looking at the reflection of the artwork!

Celeste’s work has been selected for The Block Shop and may feature in the next series filming this year.  Fingers crossed for her – her work is gorgeous!

In August 2014 my husband went to Japan for two weeks, leaving me at home with the then Miss 3 and Master 15 months. I should have just been happy with keeping us all alive, but no, I decided to surprise my husband with a bedroom makeover. I painted the walls a soft grey and hung a wallpaper feature wall.

I’d never hung wallpaper before and recall being up past midnight doing it. I watched a YouTube video, went to Masters to purchase the wallpaper and bits and pieces and went for it. It’s not the best job, and I’ve definitely improved (I’ve helped two friends with three projects) but there you have it.

I also decided to hang pendant lights to free up space on our bedside tables. I’m still pleased with this decision as the height and quantity of lighting is just right. Dimmer switches could be a nice idea though. A big thank you to my electrician brother who hung them for me!

I like to try and pick gender neutral bedding for my husbands sake. We currently have Logan and Mason’s Platinum Range – Kara Navy on our bed. The silver sequinned cushion was a bargain at $15 from Spotlight.

I like to keep the tops of our bedside tables clear. On my bedside table I have a very sweet picture of my son and daughter and a picture of myself with my son when he was a week-old. On my husband’s bedside table you’ll find a picture of him holding our daughter when she was about a week old, a blue dish for coins and bits and pieces and, unfortunately our modem. The only place in the house where it seems to work properly!

The tallboy houses all my clothes and on top of this there is a mirror used for when applying special make up, a photo from our wedding day, faux tulips that matched the ones in my wedding bouquet, a candle from a friend for my 30th birthday, my daughter’s hand print that I got for Mother’s Day in 2015 and two figurines representing our family. Above this, is a TV, a point of big debate internationally. I would be happy to not have this in the room but it’s here.

The drawers of the dressing table belong to my husband. On top is our perfume/cologne.

Not only do I share my bedroom with my husband, I also share it with our Jack Russell, Gemma. Our first ‘baby’, nearly 11 years old. She has a bed to the side of my husband’s bedside table but you’ll usually find her here:

Another point of contention around the world… Growing up our dogs were outdoer dogs. For my husband they were always inside dogs, a big part of his family. I was very happy to have an indoor dog and although I’d love plain white bedding, I love Gemma more!

That’s it!  Our master bedroom!

Are you loving your master bedroom?  Does it need some work?  Come back on Thursday where I will share some inspiration images with you, that might get you moving on updating your space.

Gallery ideas

On Monday I shared our hallway with you and today I thought I would talk more about the make-up of the actual photographs and provide some options for hanging your family portraits.

As I said on Monday, I asked my family to all wear tones of blue or white for our photo shoot. When I was looking at Google images or Pinterest, the thing that stood out to me was that by wearing colours from the same or similar colour families, the photographs looked more harmonious.

See below:

Whether it be blues and whites, blacks and whites, creams and browns, pastels, creams and burgandys etc, by wearing similar tones to each other, you end up with more cohesive photos.

I also found some ideas on ways to formulate the photograph composition from this article. . This article certainly gives me some ideas for when I take some photographs of my girlfriend and her two little girls.

And finally, once you’ve had your photographs taken and they’ve been printed, you need to hang them and enjoy them:

And I’ll leave you now with my favourite image from Pinterest:

Feel free to go and check out my Pinterest boards here and here.