Plastics Cupboard • Organised

Life is very exciting, isn’t it!  A blog post about the plastics/Tupperware cupboard. Yet when you mention this cupboard to most people a little groan escapes from their mouth, usually accompanied by an eye roll. It is one cupboard that never stays tidy!

I have had my very own Tupperware cupboard for nearly 12 years and for 10 to 11 years it was a constant battle to keep it tidy. But then I tried another way of keeping it tidy friends, and it has stayed this way. 

I swear, hand on heart, that I did not have to tidy this cupboard before quickly snapping this photo on my way out the door yesterday morning. 

It honestly stays that tidy all the time. The only thing missing from this cupboard at the time of taking this photo is my daughters lunch bag which I store at the front of the bottom shelf. 

So, shelf by shelf:

Bottom – IKEA ice block containers. Various size plastic containers. I stack like sizes with each other. Rectangle, square and round. 

Middle – Tupperware marinading tray, Tupperware round container which I generally use for fruit salad, larger plastic containers, bubbles (they don’t really belong here but a good place, up high, that I can hide them from the kids!) and a container that I can store all the lids in. This must be what the game changer is because about 12 to 24 months ago I started storing the lids separately and the cupboard now stays tidy. Promise!

Top – 24 cupcake caddy. I bought this from Aldi three or so years ago and it is the best. Great for transporting cupcakes to school/daycare/work/parties etc!  To the right, the Tupperware cake box. Also very handy for transporting cakes to the same places. Have also taken homemade creations to restaurants in this as well. 

So friends, that’s my Tupperware cupboard!

Now I feel this goes without saying, but for it to stay this way, you need to return things to the cupboard properly. 

See below for prettier, inspiring pics – all from Pinterest. 

Is your Tupperware cupboard a constant battle to keep organised and tidy?  Will you give my way a go?