Little Mermaid/Ariel themed birthday party

Miss 5 is now Miss 6!

Since she turned 5, Miss 6 has been asking for her next party to be at a local-ish swimming centre that has this awesome equipment outside.


I’ve had to use an image from Google as the play equipment was out of action on the day of the party which was very disappointing as it was the reason we booked the party there.  Despite this, the kids still had a great time!

She also wanted it to be Little Mermaid/Ariel themed.

I’ve been so busy with my studying, everything for this party was organised within a month.

I found these invites on Etsy. $13.41.  I printed them at home.


We booked a table outside at the Swimming Centre for $40 and advised parents we would pay entry for the party guest and one parent.  Entry costs totalled $60.00.

To help Miss 6 feel her best at the party, we got her an Ariel swimsuit for her birthday. Only $6.64 on eBay!



A trip to Big W saw us purchase an Ariel Happy Birthday sign.


As we couldn’t get all that we wanted here, I visited an online party store and purchased a number 6 Piñata, loot bags, napkins and Ariel balloon.



As we weren’t going to be at home, I wanted foods that were easy to get there and set up. We decided on a seaweed dip which Miss 6 loves and suited the theme, a fruit platter, veggie platter, chips, lollies, cheese and biscuits. I made Miss 6’s cake and a family friend was kind enough to make some cookies. We served water and juice.

For the cake, I made two round cakes.  I made ganache to put between the two cakes and around the outside.  I then rolled out the purple fondant, placed it over the top and tidied the sides.  I then used a seashell mould and teal fondant to decorate the sides.  I purchased an Ariel plastic decoration for the top to go with a number “6” candle and 5 purple candles.


The kids had a great time, with the birthday girl telling me as we snuggled in bed on Sunday morning that she had the best time.

From my husbands and my perspective, this was the easiest party we have organised. Being from 2.30pm to 5.00pm it was clear we weren’t required to do lunch so only cold foods were required.  With it not being at home we didn’t need to clean the house before and after the party. I baked and covered the cake with ganache on Thursday.  I covered the cake with the fondant on Friday.  On the day we chopped the fruits and vegetables and put them in plastic containers ready to assemble at the pools on plastic trays.  I made the seaweed dip.  Hubby collected the balloons and ice for the drinks at 11.00am.  We left home at 1.30pm, arrived at 2.00pm and were set up by 2.20pm.  The party finished at 5.00pm.  We were packed up and out of there by 5.10pm.  Home by 5.30pm with the washing up, kids bathed and easy dinner prepared by 6.15pm.

I enjoy hosting parties at home, but this was enjoyable too!

What’s your preference? Home or out?  Do you have an Ariel/Little Mermaid themed party coming up?  You are welcome to our left over napkins, birthday sign and Ariel if you like – get in contact xx