The Man Cupboard

Hello!  It’s been a couple of weeks, but I’m back again. 

It was the Hubby’s birthday last week and I had been thinking for a while as to what I/the kids could get him. It then dawned on me that I rarely use the desk in the lounge room anymore preferring to either work in my studio or home admin on the lounge or dining table. I decided to remove the desk and shelves and buy my man a cupboard, going halves with Mum-O. The cupboard compliments the other already in use in the lounge room. It is from IKEA and is from the Liatorp series. 

I took the day off work (so sneaky – Hubby thought I’d gone to work and I had to tell him white lies all day!) and got Dad round to help me construct the cupboard. 2 hours later the cupboard was built and Dad headed off home to let me get on with making it look pretty. 

Hubby doesn’t really collect anything now, but in his younger years he collected Midori Illusion Shakers, Jim Beam anything, Ford items, Coca Cola items, Manchester United items and Converse items. 

I started out with the middle shelf as the petrol pump at the back was the tallest item to be decorated around. I then purchased my Hubby the Ford book for his birthday and used a combination of symmetry and height to display the balance of the items. 

On the top shelf I placed his Red Bull collection and some miscellaneous items, again utilising the height of each item to determine the layout. To the right I placed a photo of him in his current football (soccer) uniform and some photos of him in his heyday.  I was having trouble getting his medallion to stand up so used some 3M strips to hang it on the back of the cupboard. 

The next shelf down I placed his Midori Illusion Shakers – collected from night clubs circa 1998. I decided to dress this up with a framed Cheers sign, cocktail glasses from the kitchen and we bought him a cocktail recipe book. 

The shelf below the Ford items houses his Jim Beam collection which will be a growing collection as he still likes to drink this today. I again adopted a mixture of symmetry and height to display these items. 

Overall, Hubby was excited to see this when he got home from work, thrilled to have his items in the lounge room again, and shocked I’d managed to trick him into thinking I’d been at work all day 😀!

My tips for creating vignettes/shelf displays:

  1. Odd numbers work well. I don’t know why, they just look good. 
  2. Vary the height of items, working from tallest at the back to shortest at the front. 
  3. Stick to a theme. 
  4. Less is more but if going with more, consider layers/textures. 
  5. Use colour in your decor items to blend in/compliment the colours already used in the room. 
  6. Consider a level of symmetry. 

Have you redecorated a room in your house lately?  Tell me all about it!

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We are fortunate enough to have enough room in our home for a playroom. When Miss 5 was born, we kept everything in the lounge room but as she grew and received more toys, and then she was joined by her brother, I didn’t enjoy seeing the clutter all the toys brought.

The playroom has been moved around and tidied so many times. At Christmas time the kids received even more toys and whilst we are of course grateful, not everything gets played with and it was time for a cull.

I was unwell over the Christmas/New Year period so I asked Hubby to assist the kids on New Years Eve with completely emptying out the playroom and asking them to sort through and select what should stay and what should go to children who don’t have any toys.


We have the 16 cube Expedit unit from IKEA (now called Kallax), a 5 cube Kallax and a 6 cube shelf (I can’t recall where we got it from).  I use square cubes to store building blocks, musical instruments, one miscellaneous box for each kid etc.


On New Years Day after giving everything a dust/wipe down/vacuum, I spent the morning going through myself and returning the keep toys to the playroom and sorting out rubbish for the bin and toys to go to daycare. My son had a lot of toy cars and toy diggers etc so I selected a few of each and discarded the rest. Some puzzles were too little for them. We had double ups of some books etc.


I think about a quarter to a third of our rubbish bin was filled with rubbish and the large blue IKEA bag was filled to go to Daycare. Costumes/dress ups that no longer fit were passed down to my niece.

Once it was all back and organised, the room felt better and the kids are now able to return everything to its proper place. Even 22 days later.

Do you have a playroom? Do you cull the toys regularly?

Plastics Cupboard • Organised

Life is very exciting, isn’t it!  A blog post about the plastics/Tupperware cupboard. Yet when you mention this cupboard to most people a little groan escapes from their mouth, usually accompanied by an eye roll. It is one cupboard that never stays tidy!

I have had my very own Tupperware cupboard for nearly 12 years and for 10 to 11 years it was a constant battle to keep it tidy. But then I tried another way of keeping it tidy friends, and it has stayed this way. 

I swear, hand on heart, that I did not have to tidy this cupboard before quickly snapping this photo on my way out the door yesterday morning. 

It honestly stays that tidy all the time. The only thing missing from this cupboard at the time of taking this photo is my daughters lunch bag which I store at the front of the bottom shelf. 

So, shelf by shelf:

Bottom – IKEA ice block containers. Various size plastic containers. I stack like sizes with each other. Rectangle, square and round. 

Middle – Tupperware marinading tray, Tupperware round container which I generally use for fruit salad, larger plastic containers, bubbles (they don’t really belong here but a good place, up high, that I can hide them from the kids!) and a container that I can store all the lids in. This must be what the game changer is because about 12 to 24 months ago I started storing the lids separately and the cupboard now stays tidy. Promise!

Top – 24 cupcake caddy. I bought this from Aldi three or so years ago and it is the best. Great for transporting cupcakes to school/daycare/work/parties etc!  To the right, the Tupperware cake box. Also very handy for transporting cakes to the same places. Have also taken homemade creations to restaurants in this as well. 

So friends, that’s my Tupperware cupboard!

Now I feel this goes without saying, but for it to stay this way, you need to return things to the cupboard properly. 

See below for prettier, inspiring pics – all from Pinterest. 

Is your Tupperware cupboard a constant battle to keep organised and tidy?  Will you give my way a go?