Plastics Cupboard • Organised

Life is very exciting, isn’t it!  A blog post about the plastics/Tupperware cupboard. Yet when you mention this cupboard to most people a little groan escapes from their mouth, usually accompanied by an eye roll. It is one cupboard that never stays tidy!

I have had my very own Tupperware cupboard for nearly 12 years and for 10 to 11 years it was a constant battle to keep it tidy. But then I tried another way of keeping it tidy friends, and it has stayed this way. 

I swear, hand on heart, that I did not have to tidy this cupboard before quickly snapping this photo on my way out the door yesterday morning. 

It honestly stays that tidy all the time. The only thing missing from this cupboard at the time of taking this photo is my daughters lunch bag which I store at the front of the bottom shelf. 

So, shelf by shelf:

Bottom – IKEA ice block containers. Various size plastic containers. I stack like sizes with each other. Rectangle, square and round. 

Middle – Tupperware marinading tray, Tupperware round container which I generally use for fruit salad, larger plastic containers, bubbles (they don’t really belong here but a good place, up high, that I can hide them from the kids!) and a container that I can store all the lids in. This must be what the game changer is because about 12 to 24 months ago I started storing the lids separately and the cupboard now stays tidy. Promise!

Top – 24 cupcake caddy. I bought this from Aldi three or so years ago and it is the best. Great for transporting cupcakes to school/daycare/work/parties etc!  To the right, the Tupperware cake box. Also very handy for transporting cakes to the same places. Have also taken homemade creations to restaurants in this as well. 

So friends, that’s my Tupperware cupboard!

Now I feel this goes without saying, but for it to stay this way, you need to return things to the cupboard properly. 

See below for prettier, inspiring pics – all from Pinterest. 

Is your Tupperware cupboard a constant battle to keep organised and tidy?  Will you give my way a go?

Organising • The Little Things

I did a little video a while ago asking for feedback and also asking what you would like to see. Sara asked to see how I organise all the little things, so here we go!

The most common items you’re going to see are Tactix boxes I’ve purchased from Bunnings (around $4 each) and these Variera containers from IKEA.


I used to apply my makeup in my bedroom at my dressing table but moved it into the bathroom a few years ago. Our shaving cabinet has mirrored doors and they’re at a good height so I knew I wanted to store my make-up in there, on ‘my’ side, using the mirrored door on ‘his’ side to apply my makeup. Thankfully the makeup caddy that I already had fit in and I could place the other bits in there too!  Howard’s Storage World can be a bit expensive, but Kmart have good options for this now.

On the shelf above I use a narrow basket from a $2 store to store my contact lenses and other spectacle paraphernalia.

On the bottom shelf we keep cotton tips and I have an old cotton tip container there for my foundation sponge.

*Tip – if you can instal a power point inside your shaving cabinet it means it’s not visible day to day but easily accessible.

Hair accessories

I try to blow dry my hair and look all grown up, but most of the time I can’t be bothered. I purchased a Tactix box from Bunnings for around $4 and it stores most of my hair accessories nicely. I can also store it on its side in my drawer as the lid shuts firmly and everything stays in its correct place. I use a Variera container here from IKEA to store hair products and brushes. I store this in a drawer in the bathroom and it fits well.

I recently sorted all Miss 5’s accessories into something similar. This is a container by Sistema, purchased at Woolworths. I love that there is a tray at the top for hair ties, bun nets and bobby pins and space below for hair bands etc. I store these in a cupboard in the lounge room with a hair ideas book, spray bottle of water and hairbrush. I store them in the lounge room as this is where I do her hair.

Small clothing items

In the kids bedroom drawers I use these to keep their undies, singlets, stockings etc organised.




I purchased this little container from Howard’s Storage World a while ago. It stores AAA to D batteries.


Aside from a jewellery box, which isn’t really suitable for long necklaces, I like to store my costume jewellery on this key hook (purchased from OfficeWorks) to hang them, on the inside of my wardrobe door. I’ve also used the clear 3m hooks. You can hang dangly earrings on these too.

Wrapping paper/ribbons

I’ve created this wrapping station on the inside of our double door pantry. I’m going to play around with it a bit as I’m not 100% happy with it and I’ll go into further details about this in an upcoming post.

Kids toys

I use cube storage boxes for the kids toys, storing like items together. Easy for the kids to pack everything away!


I use a variety of storage options for stationary. In my desk drawers I use a tray with dividers and some Décor plastic containers.

In my studio I use a mixture of vases for storing pencils, textas, paint brushes etc.

For the kids stationary items I use takeaway containers with lids that I store up high to avoid my walls being drawn on!


I store our cables in empty toilet rolls, standing up, in box.

Kitchen utensils

I have a spoon holder and utensil holder by my stove top for commonly used items.

In my first, second and third drawers I use these trays to divide ‘like’ items up. I think I got them from Howard’s Storage World and Trade Secret. I strongly recommend sorting your utensils and really think about the last time you used the items in the drawer, and discarding any you no longer use. 

School notes

I have a command centre set up by our back door. I will do a post about this in the future. On this wall I have a plastic sleeve fixed to the wall with 3M strips and I place all school notes here. I clean this out at the end of each school term.

Key/Sunglasses storage

As I shared with you in my Entry • Organisation post, we store our keys on a hook and sunglasses in a drawer by the front door.  If this is not possible for you, consider an area in your home that you pass on your way out the door.  You could attach a key holder to the inside of a cupboard door and a small basket near it for your sunglasses to go in, that way you’ll know where they are, provided you return them there each time.

I hope the above has been useful. Feel free to comment on this post, in Facebook or Instagram if there are anymore small things you’d like storage solutions for. 


Organising • Your Emails

A friend and fellow blogger recently posted about the relief she felt when she spent time going through her emails, deleting and organising them. 

It is a rare day that I don’t go home from work with an empty inbox. It is also rare that I have more than 10 items in my personal email folder. 

How do I do it?

I get stressed when I see people’s inbox and it is full to the max! How do you know what’s there? Is there stuff in there that needs attending to? It REALLY stresses me out. 

This is how I organise my work email, we use Outlook:

I keep things organised, like filing them away. I create sub-folders within my Inbox, like this:

By doing the above, at work I can easily locate client phone lists, procedures I don’t recall, how to guides etc. 

This is how I organise my personal emails. I have a Hotmail account. Excuse the blacked out bits, but I need to protect some privacy. 

Again, folders for everything means that when I need to access documents come tax time, I know they’re going to be in that folder, and don’t need to search through thousands of emails. When I need to locate a receipt for something I’ve purchased online, I go to my receipts and orders folder. Easy!

Are you like me or are you happy with your inbox the way it is?

Nursery • Organisation

Over the past two weeks I have shown you our nursery we used for both our kids, some nursery inspiration and how we changed my son’s room from nursery to little boys room. Today, I’ll talk you through how I organised the nursery.

There are no built-in closets in this bedroom so any storage pieces had to be purchased. I decided one piece could do double duty – our change table would need to have drawers.

We purchased a Boori change table with 4 drawers underneath. In the top drawer I stored bibs, singlets, socks and cloth nappies along with creams and baby grooming supplies like scissors and nail clippers. I strongly recommend purchasing the little drawer box organisers like those pictured here as all this stuff is so tiny and can get mixed up easily.

In the second drawer I stored clothes that the baby fitted into and in the third drawer I stored the next size up.
In the fourth drawer I stored surplus cloth nappies and all the baby bedding and wraps.

The wardrobe: We didn’t need much hanging space for the kids clothes so I just used the top rod for clothing and then stored clothes that wouldn’t be fitting for a while underneath.

As shoes became a part of their lives, they started going into the top drawer of the wardrobe. The remaining drawers either remained empty or housed spare coat hangers.

We had a bookcase in this room which housed some decor items and spare boxes of nappies and wipes.

My main piece of advice is to keep the nursery as clutter free and tidy as you can. If you are spending many hours in the room pacing or madly dashing in at 3am bleary eyed and confused, you do not want to trip over something!

More advice? Purchase some plastic tubs with lids. As soon as my daughter grew out of a size, I would box them up, label the box eg, 0000 and pop up in our roof for storage as I knew we would be having another baby. When my son was done with each size, I passed gender neutral clothes to my sister-in-law for her future daughter and boy clothes to my cousin for her son. I strongly recommend dealing with this as you go because there is nothing more frustrating than continually going to put your kid in clothes to realise they don’t fit.

Some inspirational images of organisational ideas:

Links to the above images can be located through this Pinterest board.

Although my son is only 3, I’ve found it hard to remember everything so if you’ve got any questions you’d like answered, please send them through!

Entry • Organisation

I hope you all enjoyed my post last week where I discussed the design of our entry. This week, I am discussing how I organise this space to help us get out the door quicker each day.

Firstly, I have this coat hook and key hook.

Coat Hook – Kmart – $10

Key Hook – Laura Ashley

As you can see, this is where I hang my handbag, an umbrella, keys and our daughter’s epipen.

As mentioned last week, our buffet provides a tonne of storage and this is what we store in there:

In the little drawer we store sunglasses for grabbing on our way out the door and some insect repellant.

In the cupboard to the left, we store items for donation to charity and my kids swim bags.

*Organisational tip – as soon as you’ve washed and dried your kids swimming items, pop them straight back in the bag, in an easy to locate place so that when you’re yelling at the kids to get moving, you can just grab the bag and go!

In the cupboard on the right we store our kids daycare/school bags and in the cube box below, our picnic rugs so that we can grab them on the way out the door.

By keeping the bags here, I know that the kids haven’t removed any items, therefore there won’t be any last minute searches for items required at daycare/school that day.

In the centre of the unit my husband normally places his work bag, I have a vase from Bed Bath n Table and down the bottom we store our kids gumboots for easy access when muddy puddles present themself!  My son’s daycare shoes usually end up here too from Monday to Wednesday for two reasons. Easy access on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and to prevent an avalanche of sand escaping all over the house!

Now I don’t want to portray a false image that we live perfectly tidy lives.  We all dump stuff on top of the buffet or on the dining table opposite, but it is usually the stuff that belongs in or near this area. I try and spend the time that I’m cooking dinner (M, T and W) or 3 minutes after I get home from the school pick up, to empty bags, hang coats and keys and put bags away, ready for the next day.

All lined up, ready to go in the morning.

A reader posed this question last week:

“Do you agree with storage of family shoes at the entry way? Why? How?”

I don’t really have an opinion on this. If it makes your life easier then do what you please. It’s your home and you can obviously place whatever you like, wherever you like.

A part of the reason I don’t mind having the kids gumboots there is because it kind of looks cute. I’d prefer them in a navy blue colour to compliment the decor of the house, but my husband would probably be calling the local hospital for a forced admission to their psych ward!

Now I personally prefer that we all keep our shoes in our bedrooms, in the wardrobe. If though, I lived in a carpeted home or a two storey home, I may consider storing the most commonly worn shoes by the front door or garage (last point of contact before leaving the house).

There are a variety of storage options for this with many ideas located on Pinterest. See my board here.

If this was something I felt I needed to do in our home, I would probably look to the Brusali or Hemnes storage cabinet from IKEA. I would then place a mirror above and some dishes along the top for keys etc.

Here are some inspiration pictures from Pinterest:

If I was in my dream home with large garage or mudroom I would build something like this:

I like the idea of having somewhere to sit to put your shoes on and a storage pod for each member of the family.

I received some lovely feedback last week of people tinkering with their own entry ways and how much they enjoyed the post. Did you make any changes?  Care to share them?  If so, please tag #simplyorganisedsimplybeautiful on Instagram and I’ll check them out!