Our $9 mini bedroom makeover!

We have had our previous bed spread on our bed since 2014!  This is a long time for me as I usually like to mix things up.

This is what our bedroom looked like before Mr 4 and I hit the shops on Friday morning. 

I can’t remember if I received a catalogue/saw it on Instagram/received an email, but I came across this $9 quilt cover at Big W and wanted to get in store and check it out. 

And whilst I was at it I also wanted to look at these:

So what did I come away with for our master bedroom?

The $9.00 bed spread. I couldn’t believe it. We have a queen bed with king size doona. $9.00 no matter what size cover you are buying. It is a microfibres/polyester blend so no luxurious fabrics here but I feels so lovely and soft!

2 x white euro pillow cases – $5.00 each

2 x white U shape pillow cases – $5.00 each

1 x grey/blue velvet cushion – $7.00

1 x candle – $15.00

Grand total – $51.00

Okay, so the title of this post was a bit click bait-y but I’ve got to get you reading somehow 😉. 

The after?  Well not only do I have one, but two…

I’ve sold this to hubby as a 2 for 1 offer because the quilt cover and pillow cases are double sided!

I purchased this candle which I think looks beautiful. We had to remove it from our bedroom Friday night though because the scent was a little too strong for us.  I’ll probably move it to the side table next to my chair in the lounge room. 

I don’t usually have flowers on my bedside table but I was gifted these at a seminar I went to on Wednesday night. Cute, hey?

So what do you think?  Not bad for $51.00 and really only $36.00 because the candle came out of the room 😜. 

Have you picked a bargain up lately?  Share away. The above quilt cover comes in a few different designs, with blue the colour palette. 

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post, please give it a like. If you have anything to say, leave a comment, I’d love to chat. If you think it would be of benefit to someone, please share. 

Entryway Update

One of my first posts was sharing with you our Entryway.  I’ve been a bit bored with it for a while and have been wanting to give it a bit of a facelift.  After completing Kyly’s entry a couple of weeks ago, it inspired me to finally do something about it.



Step 1: For about a week before it I placed all items i was considering using and placed them on the buffet.  This meant every time I walked in the front door or walked passed it I was forced to consider how I wanted the spaced to look.


Step 2: Removed all the items from the buffet and wall and placed them on the dining table.

Step 3: Clean the wall with sugar soap.  I was amazed at how dirty the wall had become around the photo frames.


Step 4: I played with the position of the shelf and the mirror and star to make sure that the mirror would still be usable above the shelf.

Step 5: I used a stud finder to locate the studs.  I marked the studs on a post-it note so that I wasn’t marking the wall.


Step 6:  I was alone at the time and didn’t have anyone to help me hold the shelf in place.  We happened to have moved from ADSL 2 to NBN that same week so I used the Fetch box, modem box and a photo frame to hold the shelf in place.  I screwed the shelf into the wall – into studs.  All level but the drill did leave a mark when I screwed in the second screw.  A bit of white paint and it will be all good.

Step 7:  I then used 3M products to attach the mirror and the star frame to the wall.  The mirror measures 60cm tall and the star frame 55cm so I ensured I centred the star frame to the mirror.

Step 8: Now for the fun bit – pulling the look together.  I knew I wanted the black and white photos there still as they are snaps we took on our honeymoon nearly 10 years ago.  I then placed items around them.


And this is the almost finished product!  I am going to paint the front of the “OXO”s navy and my hubby has suggested that I run a piece of blue ribbon along the front of the shelf to supply more contrast.  I’m giving this some thought and will give it a try.

So, have Kyly and I inspired you to do up your entryway?  Would love to see pics of your before and afters.  You can either share them in the comment section on Facebook or tag me on Instagram.

My Blue and White Christmas – DIY Projects

13 days until Christmas!

Last week I showed you my blue and white Christmas tree. This week I’m going to show you a few Christmas DIY projects that I have completed.

In the hallway I have grabbed a white platter from the kitchen and filled it with pine cones that I collected from a local football field. I simply sprayed these with spray paint from Bunnings in white, light blue and dark blue. The pine cones were free but the spray paint probably came in at near $30. I will just need to find something else to spray paint to make the cost worthwhile. I love them!

Something that I have been meaning to do for a while (since January 😳!) is make this DIY artwork for above the fireplace. In the January sales I purchased this silver star from Bed Bath N’ Table for $15 ish (RRP $34.95) with the idea of cutting it in half, mounting it to an indigo sheet of cardboard and placing it inside a frame from IKEA. It took me about 10 minutes to put this together and I love it. I cut the cardboard to size to fit the frame and removed the glass. I then used a Stanley knife and kitchen knife to cut through the styrofoam. I then used Tarzan Grip glue to adhere the star to the cardboard and then weighed the star down and left it laying down for a good while to ensure that the star adhered to the cardboard. The bonus to this artwork is that I have given the other half of the star to my friend and she will make the same artwork with a sheet of coloured cardboard to suit her interiors. The silver star was around $15, IKEA frame was around $15, cardboard was under $1 and I had the glue at home already. I will probably use this in our entryway all year round when I re-do the artwork at the entryway next year.

With the decision to move to a blue and white Christmas, I knew that I would need to get the kids new stockings. I also knew that I would need to be frugal in doing so as I had spent quite a bit of money purchasing their red and green stockings and having their names embroidered on them. I picked these sequined stockings up from a $2 shop for $2.50 each and then had a look in their craft/scrapbooking section and picked up the diamontè letters for $2.50 as well. $10 for two stockings and I think they look great.

MumO managed to find me some battery operated fairy lights for my wreath at the front door. I love the faux pearls attached as it means the wreath looks lovely through the day as well as at night.

I like putting trees in the kids bedrooms. In my daughter’s room, she has a wooden tree from Spotlight which I purchased about 3 years ago now. I painted it white and this year purchased some pastel coloured decorations from Woolworths for around $16. I probably could’ve gotten away with only spending $8 as there were about half of the decorations left over.

In my son’s room, he has a light grey, Scandi looking tree from Domayne that I purchased in the sales in January. He has silverplated stars and Nutcracker men that I purchased in the sales from David Jones about two years ago. 

The final tree that we have in our home is our international ornament tree. I purchased the wooden tree in a local shop around 9 years ago. It is decorated with ornaments that were mostly purchased on our honeymoon in 2007.

So, that’s the DIY projects done for this year. I would like to replicate something like this artwork for above the fireplace for next year if I stick with the blue and white theme (which so for I AM LOVING!!!) but until then, I am done. 

So tell me, do you like a bit of DIY action at Christmas?  Any projects you’d like to share with me?

My Blue and White Christmas – The Tree

I am quite a traditional person at heart and have always had a green tree with red, gold and silver decorations. This was the way it was growing up and what I continued to do when I moved in with my Hubby and we started our own tree.

As we’ve renovated our home and my tastes have changed I didn’t want to use the reds and gold this year as it just clashes with the rest of our homes decor. I was to make the bold move to go blue! 😬

I started buying some blue decorations in the sales in January this year and stored them away with the rest of the decorations.

I was so excited to pull this look together I broke another tradition. I’ve always been a December 1 gal but I was so excited it went up on 19 November!

Now this is how I assemble my tree.

Step 1: assemble the stand (if using a basket for the tree instead of a tree skirt, put the stand in the basket now) and first layer of branches. Fluff out the branches.

Step 2: add the next layer and fluff out the branches.

Step 3: continue until all layers completed.

Step 4: plug the fairy lights in and check they are all working.

Step 5: put the fairy lights on the tree, starting from the top and working your way down so you don’t have the balance of the power cord hanging from the top of the tree. Tuck the lights in to the branches.

Step 6: place the tree into its position in the room.

Step 7: start adding your baubles and decorations to the tree. Small decorations at the top, large decorations at the bottom and any special decorations, pride of place in prominent positions on the tree.

Step 8: continue on and stand back periodically and fill in any gaps as you go.

Step 9: pour a glass of wine because by now your nerves are probably frazzled!!!

This is our tree completed!

In the day:

And at night:

Last year in the sales I bought these love heart photo frames from David Jones for the tree – 14 of them! I wanted to take headshots of all our family members and hang them on the tree. I love it!

I’ve made a few decorations to fit this new theme and will share them all with you next week!

So tell me, what colour theme do you like to go with? Do you let the kids help decorate the family tree?

Lounge room • Design

The next room on my home tour is our living room.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Dad was visiting one time after the gyprock had come down but the stud work was still in place. Sitting there and thinking, he came up with the solution to have the dining table adjacent to the kitchen and the lounge room run through the existing lounge/dining rooms. I loved this new layout as it meant that the fireplace became the feature of the room, and not a television!

When we renovated this space, we moved the sliding door that takes you through to my studio/kids playroom from one end of the wall to the other and installed an electric fireplace with two cabinets either side, built in with gyprock. As I said above, I love how this is the feature in the living area and not the television.



I also mentioned in the renovation post that we sold our previous beech coloured furniture as I wanted to change over to white.  For readers from the beginning of the blog, you’ll know how much I love IKEA and I love the Liatorp range.  We purchased two bookcases with glass doors, the tv unit, console table and side table.  My clever husband then built the Liatorp bookcases with glass doors in and created the surround for the fireplace to be inserted.


With the fireplace the feature, we placed the TV unit under the old dining room window and to divide the space from the dining room, we placed the lounge to face the fireplace/face the TV. Behind the lounge, we have placed the Liatorp console table. This is handy place for drinks and remote controls on top and blankets stored in baskets underneath.

I also have a desk to the side of this room.  It’s a handy spot to work on the computer and monitor the kids.  The desk is one that we purchased off eBay and painted.  The shelves and supports are from IKEA.


Across from my desk is my chair.  I just adore this spot.  First thing in the morning, the sun streams in and helps to warm me on a cold morning.  A cup of tea and a good book and I could sit here all day!


And finally, our lounge.  We had hand-me-down lounges from 2004 to 2012.  That’s 8 years of constantly tucking in the Spotlight couch covers.  The new corner sofa was from IKEA and has been a fantastic purchase.  Unfortunately, this sofa doesn’t appear to be available at IKEA anymore.


Returning to the bookcases, I think they have been a great asset in protecting our precious items from little hands.  In these cupboards we have displayed momentos from our wedding day, honeymoon, the kids naming days etc, they all get to stay protected from little hands and also dust!  Seriously, I spring clean this cupboard once a year and there is next to no dust.  Awesome!

So, have you renovated your living room recently?  Is it on the cards soon?

Interior Design • Kitchen

Ah, my kitchen.  I love, love, love our kitchen!

Here she is…


So, we should probably start back at the beginning.


As stated in my last post, we moved into this house in September 2004 and purchased it from my in-laws in January 2009.  We undertook some renovations in 2009 to the toilet, bathroom, laundry and front yard and in 2011 we tackled some pretty big work to the whole house.  We laid hardwood floors throughout the whole house, knocked down some walls and installed a new kitchen.

We knew due to budget constraints that we would need to do this ourselves.  A good thing then that we like doing DIY.  We did get a quote from a custom kitchen designer and the cost was $20,000 to $25,000 depending on quality of finishes 😳. 

After looking at both Bunnings and IKEA kitchens (and after having had Bunnings kitchen cabinets for a couple of years as uppers in the old kitchen), we decided to go with IKEA.

We visited our nearest IKEA and had a very good look around the display kitchens, opening all the cupboards and drawers, seeing what each item had to offer.  We then looked at the hardware options (door handles and drawer knobs) and the sinks and benchtops.  We then came home, measured up the space and I logged on to the IKEA website and used their 3D Kitchen Planner.

As you can see, we are lucky to have a large kitchen.  It measures 5.5 metres x 2.6 metres.  I noted down the measurements, took the measurements of the window at the sink and there is also a sliding door at the other end of the kitchen.  I inserted all those measurements into the IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner and then played around with the layout.  I ultimately settled with the above.

There is lots of talk about the kitchen work triangle rule – the three points being the sink, fridge and oven.  The kitchen work triangle is a concept used to determine efficient kitchen layouts. The primary tasks in a home kitchen are carried out between the cook top, the sink and the refrigerator. These three points and the imaginary lines between them, make up what kitchen experts call the work triangle. This image shows my kitchen triangle. 

Once my husband and I agreed on the layout, we returned to IKEA, confirmed the door and drawer fronts were the ones we liked, finalised our door handle and drawer knob selection and proceeded to the kitchen section counter to place our order.  We arranged to have the kitchen delivered to my mother-in-laws as she had a spare space to store the 135 boxes that were being delivered, and also space for us to assemble the carcasses, ready for install into our home.  It took my brother and I the best part of a day to assemble the carcasses and 4 trailer trips to take them to our house, a 5 minute drive away.

Our selections included the Lidi door and drawer fronts and Fintorp hardware.  The Lidi range doesn’t appear to be in stock anymore, but the Bodbyn range seems to have replaced it.  The Fintorp handles no longer appear to be in stock either and I couldn’t see a suitable replacement.  I liked the look of the glass-fronted cabinets and selected one only as I didn’t want everything on display all the time.

In steps:

  1. Install kitchen cabinets (we did this)
  2. Install bulkheads (plasterers did this)
  3. Install appliances (we did this)
  4. Install benchtops (stone mason did this)
  5. Tiling (I did this)072

Yes, I did the tiling!  I thought it was something that I could do after watching it be done thousands of times on TV.  After watching some more YouTube videos, I gave it a go!

One of my favourite features in our kitchen is our corner cupboard -what can easily turn into a nightmare cupboard!  When I saw this in the IKEA showroom I knew we had to have it.  I use this to store “the good stuff”


And now some shameless pictures of the finished product

And this is the view as we walk in our front door


The totals for our kitchen renovation come in at:

IKEA cabinets – $5,350.00

Benchtops – Ice White Quartz Stone – $1,880.00

Benchtop installation – $450.00

Bulkhead installation – $1,500.00

Subway tiles – $80.00

Appliances (wall oven, cook top, range hood and dishwasher) – $2,930.00

Total: $12,110.00

That’s a saving of around 50%!

I love, love, love our kitchen!  I love that when I am in the kitchen I am still part of whatever else is happening in our home, whether it be watching the kids or when we have people over and I am preparing drinks or meals.

Have you renovated your kitchen? Are you into DIY’ing? Ever tiled before?  Let me know!

Miss 5’s Bedroom Makeover

2016 has been a big year for Miss 5 with the commencement of her schooling career.  I thought we should celebrate her turning 5 with a bedroom makeover.

This was how her room looked prior to the makeover:

Bedding was from Treehouse as were the accessories on the wall.  We purchased her a single bed at the end of 2013, when her brother needed the cot.  The quilt cover was a single cover that I used in the cot, so she continued using that until her birthday this year.

I knew I was going to be changing her room up since Christmas time and started collecting bits and bobs as I came across them.


I found the bedspread on Ebay.  I initially found it on Pinterest and hunted for ages to locate it.  I searched high and low through all our bedding shops, in the UK and US and even searched “pink paisley bedding” on Google.  Finally located it through Ebay and then commenced purchasing everything else.

I think that is the key to interior design.  Find the piece that you want to be “hero” of the room, your starting/jumping off point and go from there.


I purchased the bedside table lamp, 4 cube shelf and 4 baskets from Ikea, the rugpeg boardbean bag, fox cushion, box, wall stickers (polkadots) from Kmart, the “K” from Typo and the curtains were in the room before, from Spotlight.

Art ideas

I found this mobile some time ago at Kmart.-


I had intended to frame it in a large white frame. Unfortunately, I procrastinated in buying it and it was no longer in stock when I was putting the room together.  I decided to be “creative mummy” and make an art work myself. Miss five loves ballet so I drew my inspiration from that for the art above her bed. On the wall next to her bed I located some free printables on Pinterest and framed them in cheap white frames. I also located some free printables for the words on Pinterest. Both pins you can find here.


I got the wall dots from Kmart. I don’t know what it is about our walls, they haven’t been painted for at least 3 years, they were cleaned and allowed to dry before application, but they all fell off! They looked good whilst they lasted!  I will probably try some more expensive ones as it really does make a big difference to the wall.


You will have noticed from the before and after shot that they used to be a desk in Miss 5’s room. I made the decision to remove the desk from the room as it was purely a clutter magnet and I wanted the room to feel more restful, less cluttered and I also can’t see her doing any homework or study in there for many years to come.  I am so happy with that decision!  In its place is the bean bag and peg board shelf.  Miss 5 is able to store her breakables there as Mr 3 is unable to reach them.


My parents bought Miss 5 this dollhouse a few years back (from Aldi) and she loves playing with it.  It used to live on her dressing table but I wanted to declutter the dressing table so moved it to the top of the cube shelf.  The cube shelf provides storage for the doll house furniture and other toys, like her Barbies.


So, there you go! Miss 5’s room.

Are you thinking of re-vamping your little girls room?  I will be putting together some inspirational images for you on Thursday.  If there is a particular style you’re interested in, let me know!

Nursery to Little Boys Room

When Master 3 was born and I knew we’d had a little boy, I was itching to re-do his room. I held off because two kids under 2, money, possibility of husband going mental etc. The urge only increased though when one of my Aunty and Uncles bought my son this baby rattle.

Blue, red and white. Swoon!

I fell so in love with this colour combination, I started dressing him in it, frequently! Pinterest had also entered my life and I was pinning madly!

By the time my son turned 18 months, I worked up the courage to mention painting to my husband. You see, we both HATE painting! Thankfully, he was on board and let me go for it.

This room gets a lot of light through the window and we have white furniture. I thought I would be game and paint the room navy. I then became even more bold and decided I would also paint red and grey stripes on the wall!

Painting the stripes was hard work! A few meltdowns were had by me in the process of setting the tape up. We purchased a laser spirit level but it was hard to get it to stick to the wall, see the line and put the tape up. All the hard work was worth it though and I loved the end result.

I purchased a few decor items (Darren Palmer says “NO” to Knicks knacks) to go on the wardrobe.

I then got a little creative and painted these artworks. I got the idea from Etsy, but didn’t have the budget to purchase art so did it myself.

I also purchased a frame from Kmart and printed some photos of my son with loved ones.

The other artworks are a free printable I sourced through Pinterest and then I had a funny idea of framing my favourite onesie I bought him just after he was born. I loved it.

Bedding. I googled and googled and when I came across something in the blue/red/grey theme it usually also came with a hefty price tag. With thanks to a new line of fabrics at Spotlight I was able to purchase some navy and red fabric to make a cot quilt cover. Purchasing a new cot quilt was also going to be expensive, so I used the Peter Rabbit one as the insert and then made a pillow slip like cover to put over it. Wallah!
The ceiling lamp shade was purchased from IKEA. The other lamp was purchased from Aldi I think.

I still love this room 18 months on and although I haven’t got round to reupholstering the rocking chair, I still love to sit in it and sing good night songs to my son at bedtime.


These are some old shots of the room we used as our nursery. It has now evolved into a little boys room for Master 3 which I did when he was about 18 months old.

When we found out we were pregnant with Miss 5, we knew that we didn’t want to know the gender and therefore I wanted to create a gender neutral room. When purchasing baby gifts for friends, I was reminded of Beatrix Potter and her friends and knew this was the theme I wanted to run with. And run with it I did!

When I look at the photographs now, I can’t help but think I may have gone over the top, but that’s the thing with our personal style and design choices. They evolve over time.

I had also fallen in love with the sleigh style of cot so we started off by purchasing the Boori cot and change table. My mother-in-law was looking to replace her small wardrobe she housed seasonal coats etc in and I thought it perfect for a nursery. It was stained, not painted so we sanded it back and gave it a few coats of white paint. Perfect! We purchased the rocking chair off eBay.

It was then that I started having trouble locating the soft furnishings for the nursery. Couldn’t find anything, anywhere! Books and soft toys were about but not any bedding etc. I took to eBay and UK shopping sites with a vengeance. Slowly I found a bassinet blanket and quilt, a cot quilt and some fabric. Other Beatrix Potter items purchased online included a tissue box holder, bin, nappy pale, cotton tip/bud holder – basically = ridiculous!!!

I then asked a dear friend to help me re-upholster the rocking chair and ottoman with the Beatrix Potter fabric. He used the left over fabric for making our baby gift of customised bath towels and wraps. So lucky!

We had painted all the bedrooms this light blue a few years before and knew that this colour could easily be “girlified” with pink if we had a baby girl with some Jemima Puddle Duck accessories.

Such was my excitement that we had a baby on the way, most of the items had been purchased and delivered by the time I would have been 20 weeks. This allowed me plenty of time to “get it right”.

I wanted to be a bit crafty as well in the room and set about with some long stitch. Two to do as we didn’t know what we were having!

I also needed to create a light fitting and came across an idea online somewhere (Pinterest didn’t exist then). This is how that turned out.

It was all done and ready with plenty of time to spare.

I loved this room and whilst my idea of spending lots of time in here breastfeeding the baby in the rocking chair didn’t eventuate (hello 1 hour long breastfeeds and comfy lounge/TV) it was still a lovely room to come to for nappy changes and bed times.

When my son was born, we pulled back on the Jemima’s and inserted Peter Rabbit.

I will share with you soon how we have changed Master 3’s room.

Master Bedroom • Design

Ah the room of the house that is meant to be our sanctuary. If I wasn’t so tired by the time I walk in here at night, maybe I would think about it more in that way.

This room has seen a few makeovers since we moved in, in 2004. I can’t recall the original colour of the room but on a trip to Noosa in January 2005 (where I also got whooping cough!) I came across a teal throw and euro cushion covers. I fell in love with the colour and so it came home with us and a feature wall was painted and lamp bases bought to go with it. Can anyone say “too much!!!”.


After this we went to light blue throughout and painted the other 3 bedrooms this colour too.


We purchased the timber furniture about 7 years ago. Here’s a lesson in communication. I thought my husband wanted timber so I agreed with him as he doesn’t make many design decisions in the house. When I ‘confessed’ to him last year that I wish we’d bought white but that I knew he’d wanted timber, he said I should have said something at the time as he didn’t mind. Oh well!

Don’t get me wrong. I do like our room although I think the thing I love the most (other than my husband of course!) is the artwork.

I came across Celeste Wrona of Scissors Paper Brush at a market about 10 months ago. I immediately fell in love with her work and was lucky enough to receive a gift voucher from my mum-in-law for Christmas. I attended the next market I could and selected two Release III and one Release IV and I have popped them in RIBBA frames for now, but hope to frame them properly one day.  I love laying in bed and looking at the reflection of the artwork!

Celeste’s work has been selected for The Block Shop and may feature in the next series filming this year.  Fingers crossed for her – her work is gorgeous!

In August 2014 my husband went to Japan for two weeks, leaving me at home with the then Miss 3 and Master 15 months. I should have just been happy with keeping us all alive, but no, I decided to surprise my husband with a bedroom makeover. I painted the walls a soft grey and hung a wallpaper feature wall.

I’d never hung wallpaper before and recall being up past midnight doing it. I watched a YouTube video, went to Masters to purchase the wallpaper and bits and pieces and went for it. It’s not the best job, and I’ve definitely improved (I’ve helped two friends with three projects) but there you have it.

I also decided to hang pendant lights to free up space on our bedside tables. I’m still pleased with this decision as the height and quantity of lighting is just right. Dimmer switches could be a nice idea though. A big thank you to my electrician brother who hung them for me!

I like to try and pick gender neutral bedding for my husbands sake. We currently have Logan and Mason’s Platinum Range – Kara Navy on our bed. The silver sequinned cushion was a bargain at $15 from Spotlight.

I like to keep the tops of our bedside tables clear. On my bedside table I have a very sweet picture of my son and daughter and a picture of myself with my son when he was a week-old. On my husband’s bedside table you’ll find a picture of him holding our daughter when she was about a week old, a blue dish for coins and bits and pieces and, unfortunately our modem. The only place in the house where it seems to work properly!

The tallboy houses all my clothes and on top of this there is a mirror used for when applying special make up, a photo from our wedding day, faux tulips that matched the ones in my wedding bouquet, a candle from a friend for my 30th birthday, my daughter’s hand print that I got for Mother’s Day in 2015 and two figurines representing our family. Above this, is a TV, a point of big debate internationally. I would be happy to not have this in the room but it’s here.

The drawers of the dressing table belong to my husband. On top is our perfume/cologne.

Not only do I share my bedroom with my husband, I also share it with our Jack Russell, Gemma. Our first ‘baby’, nearly 11 years old. She has a bed to the side of my husband’s bedside table but you’ll usually find her here:

Another point of contention around the world… Growing up our dogs were outdoer dogs. For my husband they were always inside dogs, a big part of his family. I was very happy to have an indoor dog and although I’d love plain white bedding, I love Gemma more!

That’s it!  Our master bedroom!

Are you loving your master bedroom?  Does it need some work?  Come back on Thursday where I will share some inspiration images with you, that might get you moving on updating your space.