Christmas 2017

And so it was Christmas! I can’t believe it’s all over.

Christmas Eve saw us entertaining my side of the family for a traditional Dutch Christmas.

I enjoyed decorating immensely.

It all started with a swim in the pool.

We then re-dressed and sat down to a prawn cocktail for entree.

Followed by platters of meats, cheeses, breads, nut etc.

We then took some time away from the table to open presents! I played Mrs Clause and never have the kids ever been so attentive!

We then enjoyed some Dutch sweets of oliebollen, speculaas slice and poffertjes.

We got the kids to bed by 9pm and cleaned up, did final Christmas/Santa things and headed to beds ourselves.

Thankfully the kids slept until 7am! Santa came and we spent a lovely slow morning opening and playing with our gifts. I got a nightie from Peter Alexander and an iPhone arm band. I surprised hubby with tickets to LIVE – they’re coming back in March.

Mum and Dad came for a leftovers lunch. Very casual and relaxed and took no time to put together.

Do you like to enjoy a Christmas Day siesta? I do!

I just love my dress! A maxi from Boohoo.

It was then time to head to MumO’s for Christmas presents and dinner. Doesn’t my MIL and SIL do a great job at decorating too?!?!

Dinner was of course delicious and we were all very spoiled!

We took the kids for a short drive to look at some Christmas lights around local suburbs and then bed.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be treasured by me forever. I loved spending time with my niece and nephew, having fun in the pool and opening presents, lovingly preparing meals for family and just spending time together.

I’m hoping you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to celebrating the bringing in of a new year xxx

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