🎶It’s the most wonderful time…

It’s December! It’s Christmas time! It’s summer-time!

Whilst I love setting Christmas up on 1 December, the day saw me out most of the day so 2 December it was.

We are fortunate to have some storage in our roof space, accessible by an attic ladder. This is where we store our Christmas decorations. Quite heavy to get up and down, but great for 11 months of the year!

I always like to clean the house before I start decorating. I also needed to move some furniture around in order to put up the tree. The blue wingback chair had to go to my sons room, but fear not, I have been able to create another nook for the festive season. In my kitchen of all places. My sons chair came down to the kitchen and I placed the lamp and footstool from my nook there and wallah!

I’m actually really liking this space. It’s great of a morning when the kids are sitting at the kitchen bench eating breakfast and I’m making school lunches. Once I’m done, I’ve been sitting here to eat my breakfast and still able to chat to them. It’s not the most comfy seat, but it’s working as a concept. (AC – you need to do this on your kitchen!)

So anyway, back to decorating. It is really important to take the time to fluff your tree. It helps to give the tree it’s fullest look. Once we set up our tree, we then put the fairy lights on. The kids were busy setting up their own trees for their bedrooms (a bit of fun, which means I don’t need pink on the family one 😜) so I got to do the main one. It’s been a few years since I’ve done it alone and there was no fighting – mildly nice…I present, The Tree:

I wanted to go with a basket for the base of the tree this year instead of a tree skirt. I’m really liking it!


his year I purchased some reindeer's from Kmart as well as the North Pole box to store all our Christmas books.

I wanted to decorate the kitchen bench too. We are not a religious household but I have wanted a nativity scene for as long as I can remember. I managed to get one in the post Christmas sale at Bed Bath n Table (they don’t have this exact one, but do have a few options this year) for a great price last year. I placed a battery operated tea light inside and placed the figurines according to the picture on the box. I placed the nativity scene on a cake stand and a little village below ($2 each mini snow globe from Kmart) with some baubles and the large battery operated star light (bought from The Base Warehouse last year, I think).


t our entry I placed the pine cones I collected and spray painted last Christmas. This year I've added some gumnuts from our Western Australian gumtree.


n our front door, I have just added two stars to our usual front door decoration.

On our console table I have placed our tree with ornaments collected from our honeymoon in the UK/Europe and lights with our initials. (Note hubby still needs to decorate this tree so what you see here is how this tree is usually styled all year round on our kitchen island).


nd finally, our fireplace. I popped in at Spotlight and bought some navy fabric to cover the artwork we usually have hanging here to provide a good contrast to the directional tree shaped from Big W. The kids stocking are hung here too.


e are hosting my family this year and I am so excited! It's my first time! I finish work on 20 December so I will have plenty of time to plan and execute a lovely evening.

Have you got all your decorations out? Do you host Christmas? Any tips for me?

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