Studio • Design

My Design Studio is at the rear of the playroom. I’ve shared a few pictures of my studio when in use before as I didn’t want to share it until it was finished but I’ve come to realise that this space is going to continually be evolving as my course progresses/finalises and I start my business.

Currently, I am using the Linnmon/Finnvard desk from IKEA and Örfjäll/Sporren chair from IKEA. 

The shelving to the left of my desk has been there for a few years and is easily adaptable due to the bracket system. It is fine for now, but as more equipment is needed, I may move to cupboards. I’m just not sure what my needs are at the moment and don’t want to invest in storage that I may need to change out. 

On the wall I have a KikkiK vision board and Kmart peg board to hang inspirational images/items. The vision board is bare at the moment as I’m in between assessment tasks. 

Under the vision and peg boards I have installed the Fintorp rail with metal buckets attached to store my lead pencils and pens, coloured pencils, textas and paint brushes. Super handy and easy to keep tidy. 

To the left I store my visual diaries, boards, portfolio, various types of pencils (watercolour, charcoal, metallic etc), rulers, set squares, paints, fabrics, pencils etc. I’m not 100% happy with this set up but it works for the time being. 

On the shelf above I’ve got all my course material, text books and inspirational images. All my design magazines are in the lounge room but may come on here soon. 
Dad collected the brick you see pictured from a building site many years ago. A convict brick with an imprint of a heart in it. 

There are some other items that don’t really belong in here on those shelves but until I get up to date with our photo albums, they’ll need to stay there. 

Under the desk I store a bin for paper off-cuts ect on one side and a dog bed for our Gemma on the other. She loves to join me in here, especially when we’re home alone. Initially it was next to my desk but I kept rolling over the bed (not Gemma) when I’d get up. We are both happy with this solution.

On my desk you’ll see a lamp, a vase that sometimes has flowers in it, a vase I’m using to store tall paintbrushes and rulers. I also have a coaster because you can never drink too much tea in my book and a little dish for my rings when I’m working. For some reason my watch and rings come off when I’m working. I also have a plate depicting a scene from Holland, my dad’s birthplace. 

So that’s it!  That’s where you’ll find me most Thursdays and as many times I can manage it through the rest of the week. 

Do you have a space to call your own at home?

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