It’s white again!

Because I lead a very exciting life I decided to do something completely out of this world Tuesday when I was unexpectedly home for the day with Mr 3 who was sick. 

Beth over at BabyMac often shares a #OneThing post every now and then. It’s that one thing that needs doing that you’ve been putting off. 

I have quite a few #OneThing’s and decided to tackle one of them Tuesday. Giving our white dining table really good clean.

Bought from IKEA 6 years ago, the table has done really well. Daily breakfasts, nightly dinners and occasional lunches. Assessment tasks, homework and craft sessions. 

So, I did a little test patch of some gumption with a chux cloth before picking Miss 6 up from school and it worked so as Miss 6 did her homework (🙄) I lightly rubbed the table with gumption and wiped off. I then gave it a good wipe over with spray’n’wipe and walla!

3/4 done



So, one #onething ticked off the to-do list!

One thought on “It’s white again!

  1. tinakmeyer says:

    I would be happy for you to come and tick some of my just one things off my list lol. Having said that, I always remember your post about doing bits and pieces so I tackled my linen closet last week. I love opening that door now and am so impressed by the order within it when I do.


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