10th Wedding Anniversary Trip – Tasmania (continued)

Last week I shared with your all the beginning of my husband’s and my trip away to Tasmania to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary a little early (21 April is the actual date).  Today we’ll continue on with our drive to Freycinet/Bicheno.

There is so much green.  Beautiful.  Rolling hills, mountains, farms.  The landscape is breathtaking.  And when the momentum of the car moving didn’t lull me into nap mode, I took it all in.  I crave a tree-change.  I crave space, peace, tranquility.  One day.

After our very delicious breakfast at The Flipped Egg at the Farmgate Markets in Hobart we headed north for Freycinet.  We stopped off in Orford for a pit-stop and to grab a cup of tea to go with our baked goods we had purchased at the Farmgate Markets and then continued on to Kelvedon Beach…

the Spiky Bridge…

and the Freycinet National Park where we did a quick walk along the Cape Tourville Walk and looked at the lighthouse.

We stopped briefly for lunch at Richardson’s Bistro and then made our way to our accommodation in Bicheno.  Cheap and cheerful was the go in Bicheno as we had splurged in Hobart and were splurging in Cradle Mountain and we weren’t spending a lot of time in Bicheno.  We stayed at Winter Sun Gardens motel in the Queen Deluxe room.  Freshly renovated and clean with new ensuite.  Again, still not well from my head cold, I rested whilst hubby went off to have a look at the lookout and the blow hole.

We also booked in for the Bicheno Penguin Tour.  We met the bus and headed off to protected land where the penguins nest.  Very interesting – males prepare the nest, meet a female penguin, mate, hunt and gather, clean the nest once the baby penguins hatch, hunt and gather some more and then spend time at sea for long periods eating as much as they can to prepare for a n new female partner for the next mating season.  The females migrate to a new location each season which assists in diversifying the gene pool in the species.  The males stay at the same location and quarrels can occur between father and son over who keeps the family burrow with the son sent off to create his own. You are not allowed to take photographs of the penguins as the camera flash can send the little guys blind.  Thankfully, Bicheno Penguin Tours email you photos after the event and they have kindly agreed to let me share them with you here.

The next day we started making our way to Cradle Mountain with a few stops along the way.  First stop was Ross for two reasons.  One, we heard you have to have a pie in Ross and two, it bares the same name as my husband!  We enjoyed a lovely look around and stopped off at Ross Bridge.  We then headed to the original Ross Bakery and enjoyed a lovely breakfast of Eggs Benedict for myself and a Bacon and Egg roll for my husband. We got a pepper steak pie and chicken and camembert pie for the road.  All of it was lovely!  And highly recommended.  Beautiful little village and scrumptious food.

From Ross we headed through Westbury and then commenced a very windy drive through the mountains until we reached Cradle Mountain and our accommodation at Cradle Mountain Lodge.  I came across Cradle Mountain Lodge years ago and knew that if I ever went to Cradle Mountain, I wanted to stay there.  This was before a mortgage and children so when looking at it for this trip, the cost made me rule it out but my husband said to go for it so did.  We booked the Spa Suite as we wanted a real log fire.  Upon arrival though, we were upgraded to the King Billy Suite, the best Cradle Mountain Lodge has to offer. Shocked was an understatement.  With great excitement we headed off to check out our suite.  I mean – look at this!

I then headed to the Waldheim Day Spa and enjoyed the Mountain Dreaming Package and an hour in the Private Sanctuary ( dry heat sauna, wet steam room, a large outdoor hot tub and a cool vitality pool).  My therapist was Madison and she did an amazing job. I was so relaxed I kept coming in and out of consciousness!  

When I went to Daylesford with a girlfriend in 2015, we visited a day spa there and enjoyed an hour in their private sanctuary.  I don’t know if it was because we chatted and enjoyed the private sanctuary together or maybe I was too blissed out from the treatments, but I regret spending the money this time.  It seemed unnecessary after what I had already received.   

Whilst I was dayspa-ing, my husband hired a bike and helmet from reception and headed off for an explore around the lodge. 

We came together again, got ready for dinner and enjoyed a pre-dinner drink in the guest lounge.  We enjoyed our drink and then headed to the Highland Restaurant.  With a seasonal menu, we weren’t sure what to expect but it was delicious.  I enjoyed the Grilled Tasmanian Quaill and hubby had the Slow Braised Lenah Game Wallaby for our entree. Hubby won that round.  I enjoyed the Hand Rolled Fresh Ricotta Gnocchi and hubby had the Tasmanian Eye Fillet for our mains.  I won this round.  For dessert I enjoyed the Leatherwood Honey Panna Cotta and hubby had the Anvers Bitter Chocolate Tart.  We couldn’t agree who won this round so called it a tie.

Back in our room we lit the fire.  Is there anything more romantic?  Seriously?  We enjoyed a lie-in the next morning and watched the fire burn.  This suite was lovely to stay in and enjoy.  We wanted to head to the Tasmanian Devil Wildlife Sanctuary so we got ready and headed down to the restaurant for the buffet breakfast.  With the usual buffet breakfast items on offer we enjoyed just enough which meant we didn’t need lunch and I didn’t need dinner!  Good thing this was the only buffet we included in our our accommodation whilst away or we would have gained weight!

We sadly checked out and headed to Devils @ Cradle.  Due to wanting to check out a few other destinations on our way to Launceston Airport, we didn’t have time to do the full tour with an employee but hubby was happy taking a look around ourselves and snapping a few photos.  80% of the Tassie Devil population was wiped out due to the spreading of mouth cancers within the species!  An astronomical figure.  Thankfully due to places like Devils @ Cradle, the species is being bred again in captivity with a view to preparing them for release in the wild.

From Cradle Mountain we started heading to Launceston Airport with stops at Sheffield, Ashgrove Cheese and The Honey Farm. 

Sheffield is known as the town of murals. This may explain it well:

Ashgrove products are available readily at most supermarkets throughout Australia.  We purchased a variety of items to give our family members that looked after the kids whilst we were away.

When at The Honey Farm we purchased the Leatherwood honey used in my dessert the night before.  What was great about The Honey Farm was that they had a hive behind a glass wall and you could see all the bees working away and also spot the Queen Bee too!

We enjoyed a quick drive through Launceston and had a brief look at the Gorge and then sadly made our way to the Airport.

This trip was amazing.  It was wonderful just being alone with my hubby for 5 days without having to parent as well. It was lovely to just be Us without mediating sibling arguments, wiping bums, cooking dinners everyone will like etc!  Whilst we are well and truly back in the thick of it now, we have the memories!

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