Easter • Decorating • 2017

I love decorating for Christmas and started decorating for Easter a couple of years ago. I mean, I love decorating full stop!

I have purchased most of my decorations from Bed Bath N Table and some from discount stores, Kmart, Target and Woolworths. I usually wait until items go down to 40% off at Bed Bath N Table before I purchase anything unless it’s something I would really like. There is currently 25% off items at Bed Bath N Table at the moment. 

I always decorate above our fireplace as this provides the back drop to our table at Easter Sunday brunch. I also decorate our wooden tree which is on our island bench this year and put a couple of items in our entry way. 

This year I have used a frame we already had and purchased a tea towel from Bed Bath N Table and framed it. Easter art for $9.95. I then hung a wreath from Bed Bath N Table purchased a couple of years back next if it and a new plate I purchased for Bed Bath N Table this year for $9.95.  The items sitting on the fireplace and the garland were also from Bed Bath N Table a couple of years back. 

The wooden tree is the one we use at Christmas for our decorations we have purchased overseas. At Easter I decorate it with eggs purchased from Bed Bath N Table. 

In our entryway I have placed some moss bunnies I purchased at Woolworths one year and a porcelain bunny – not sure where I bought this one – probably Bed Bath N Table. 

Because I’ve talked so much about Bed Bath N Table table today, I feel like I should offer a disclaimer that this is not a sponsored post – but if you work for Bed Bath N Table I would be very happy to work with you in the future 😉

So, do you decorate for Easter? What look do you go for? Host any functions?  I’ll be sharing our Easter brunch with you all the week after Easter. 

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