Post Christmas Catch-up

Hello, friends!  Happy New Year!  It’s 2017 already 😳

I finished up work on Wednesday, 21 December and I/we had plans to do all sorts of things – family fun/study/decluttering/organising things. Turns out my body/health had other ideas. 

I got a cold 😔. Not just a quick couple of days cold, but a cold that I seemed to get one symptom at a time and lasted two weeks. It started on 19 December with a runny nose, then a sore throat for a week and a half with a cough. 

Christmas Eve was delightful!  We headed to my brothers home and and he and his wife put together a delicious meal. I brought Pimms. 

We sat outside and the kids enjoyed running around, riding scooters and bikes and creating little games. 

We huddled together in the lounge room and opened presents. I did well, Peter Alexander pyjamas. When they aren’t in the wash, they are my pj’s of choice. I love, love, love them!

Once home, we popped the kids to bed so Santa could come and then enjoyed the Carols with the glow of the fairy lights. 

Christmas morning at home was slow and lovely. The kids loved their gifts and Miss 5 and I spent time putting the stickers on her Barbie Campervan and getting that set up. 

My Mum and Dad joined us for a light lunch and then we enjoyed a nap before heading to Mum O’s for present opening and dinner. 

Mum O asked Miss 5 what theme she should go with this Christmas. She said rainbow. Rainbow it was!

We also always set fire to the Christmas pudding. As you do!

Unfortunately, I got really sick from there and spent the next few days in bed or in my armchair in the lounge room. It meant that I got to do a bit of reading, snoozing and resting. I also slept here at night as my coughing prevented me from laying in bed. 

As I said earlier, I/we wanted to do so much. Trips to the beach, the park, catch-up with family and friends for play dates but I just couldn’t. I started to get some energy back on New Years Eve. I like to get the Christmas tree away by New Years Eve. It came down in the afternoon of New Years Day, so not too bad. 

On New Years Eve I got the kids to empty out their playroom of all their toys, ready for a declutter. They had a go through and then I had a go through. I filled an IKEA blue bag with goodies for daycare and I think a quarter of our main bin filled with broken toys. 

I’ll share the ‘after’ with you in a blog post soon. 

We finally got out and about on Monday morning though with a visit to a new park with my brothers family.  Relaxed fun at its best!

So tell me, how was your Christmas/New Year holiday?  Are you back at work?  Did you go away somewhere?

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