A Mother’s Tears

Oh they are flowing at the moment, friends. 

On Monday night it was this that caused it. 


Miss 5 went in for dental surgery on Tuesday. I took the opportunity in the morning before we headed to the hospital to pop in at her Primary School to ask her class teacher a favour. Thankfully I had written a note explaining what I was asking for because I burst into tears! Yep. I held it together until I got to the car and then I let them flow. 

Saturday night it was because Miss 5 had her dance concert and after 18 months of dance, she has decided it’s not for her at the moment. She might come back but would like to try gymnastics next year. 

Miss 5 is growing up! I knew deep down that she was ready for Kindergarten despite not turning 5 until March. I nearly shed a tear on day one, but held it together and never actually cried. But now at the end of the year I am seeing her finish up and I am crying. 

She’s getting so tall. Her legs are long, lean and strong. 

She’s so smart with all her literacy and numeracy she’s learnt this year. She can read books to me now and count to 1000. She can write her own letter to Santa and little notes to me, her Dad and her brother. 

She is making decisions for herself. Like with dancing. She tried gymastics and has decided to give it a go. She knew she had to finish up this year of dance as she had made a commitment and she did it in style, coming home with an Achievement Award for Ballet. 

Everyone tells you from before they were born to not wish away the time because they grow so fast. It’s hard when you are in the fog of sleepless nights, breast feeds, nappy changes and all the ‘Why?’ questions to actually take stock and take it all in. You might try, but it’s hard. 

And so now here I am on day 1 of school holidays with Miss 5 joining me at work for a Family Day. She’ll head off upstairs with the other kids for some fun and games and I’ll stand to the side observing and letting her get on with it, helping when asked. She’ll then spend the afternoon in our lunch room with a co-workers daughter (around 11 years old) being an even bigger girl, trying to impress. 

The favour I asked of Miss 5’s Kindy teacher? It’s an idea I got from a Facebook group I am in. You purchase Dr Seuss’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” and give it to your child’s teacher each year. You ask them to select their favourite page and write a message to your child. You then present it to them at Graduation. 

So tell me, are you a basket case of tears at the moment with how big your kid/s have gotten?  Is it the end-of-year overwhelm?  Do you know the secret to make it all slow down?  Tell me!

4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Tears

  1. tinakmeyer says:

    I always knew you would be a great mum. I feel this way with my nieces and nephews. Time flies. Something I suggest to teachers is to write notes about these moments and stick them in a jar. At the end of each year you read them. Keep the best ones and put them in a photo album or book. ❤️

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  2. Jo says:

    Three sons here. The eldest is about to leave home to go to university. I did get time to ‘slow down’ with him through our long car ride to school each day. We talked non stop for 6 years and talked through every topic from first loves, friendships, ethics and current affairs. We know each other better than I probably know my other sons. In this busy world I guess making time is all you can do to gain time. Regardless, in a few months he will leave us and I am so ill prepared.


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