Christmas Cards

I usually have my Christmas cards ordered by now, ready for me to sign, seal in envelopes and post on 1 December or thereabouts. I’m running a little slow on that this year and it’s due to indecision on my part as to how/what to do this year. 

I enjoy sending and receiving Christmas cards. I love it best when there’s a letter with the card telling us about our friends adventures over the past year. This happens less and less now that we see what most of our friends are up to but I have a few who aren’t on Social Media and it’s lovely to receive their letter. It’s also lovely to receive something in the mail that isn’t a bill or junk mail!Before we had the kids I would just head to the shops and pick a packet of cards that I liked the look of.When Miss 5 arrived though, I wanted to do something more personalised. 
These are the designs we’ve done since 2011:





We did a personalised card in 2015, and whilst Hubby and I thought it was hilarious, as did most of our family/friends, it’s been suggested I don’t share it here. I’ll just say ‘silent night’ and leave it at that. 

I loved how 2012 acted as a baby announcement for Mr 3!
This year with the change in colour theme I think I’ll just do something with no humour in it at all, just a nice family photo in front of our tree. 
What do you tend to do? No cards? Store bought cards? Support a charity with your cards? Make your own? Be sure to tell me!

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