Christmas 2016

“Argh! Why is she talking about Christmas? It’s not for another 47 days”. Or 7 Sundays.I am talking about Christmas because I’m sure my daughter only started Kindergarten last week and this week we seem to be in Week 5, Term 4. 

Ever since we had kids, days turn into weeks and into months and in the blink of an eye another year is over. So whilst Christmas is 47 days away, it will be here in no time. So now is the time to plan!

Grab your diary. If you don’t have one, pop into your Outlook Calendar and print of weekly or monthly views for November/December. Now go through your text messages, your Events page on Facebook, notes from School/Daycare/Dancing/Sport and write all the dates down. When I did that I started to panic because we have a lot of events coming up in the next two months, some Christmas related, some not, all things we’d like to do. 

Then call anyone else that needs to contribute to this. Hubby/wife/parents etc. I called Hubby at work and although I didn’t intend it to take this long, it took 10 minutes for me to let him know everything that was going on so that he could note it in his work diary, submit any required leave dates or make a note to leave by a certain time on a certain date. If you are hosting an occasion at your home in this time, book in time in your calendar for the housework/grocery shop/prep for the event. 

The next big thing is Christmas present shopping. I made a start on this in September. Ideally, I would have started earlier as we have a crazy amount of birthdays in the second half of the year, but as stated above, the year has gotten away from me. I started by working out the cost. As a rule, we spend around $50 on our parents/siblings/in-laws/nieces/nephews. We spend $20 on most of our friends kids and then I discuss with my Hubby what we’d like to spend on each other and what we’d like to get for our kids. I add these costs up and then divide it over the amount of pay periods we have between now and Christmas. I don’t like the feeling of a financial hangover in January and if I can avoid it, I like to. It feels like we are still recovering from when we bought the kids their cubby house. 

I then create a list of everyone we buy for and brainstorm ideas on what to get them. This year I’ve actually found it quite easy to come up with ideas for most people. Other years it is a lot harder. 

Research and shop online. I spent time in my lunch break and on the train three days a week looking at department store websites/Instagram/Facebook getting ideas. This was great because I had my list and managed to save some money during Spend and Save promotions through some stores, buying things I needed to get anyway!

Another thing to think about is how you want your Christmas to look. By that I mean your Christmas decor, but I may have overwhelmed you enough so I will leave that for next time. 

How are you going with your plans for Christmas?  Have you started shopping?  Got a plan?  Let me know!

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