There’s really not a lot to see here! Our dining room literally houses a dining table and 6 chairs. That’s it!  
This is what it generally looks like when freshly tidied. 

The table and chairs (and matching bar stool with backrest) are from IKEA. Of course! The table is the Bjursta table and the chairs are the Ingolf chairs.

Being an open plan area and no solid walls adjacent to it, I firstly have no need for and secondly no space for, anything else!

I store our table linens in our double door pantry/storage cupboard and all the crockery is in the kitchen.  

We had a buffet and hutch in our old dining room but what I didn’t like about it was when we sat at the dining table with friends, the cupboard would look bare as everything would be in use on the table. 

Now seeing as we don’t have a lot to see here, I thought I could document it’s different uses our table endures over the course of the week. 



Nightly dinners

Home from work/after school/daycare pick-up dumping ground

We are very lucky (and the main reason why we chose this table) that this table extends to 2.2 metres which comfortably seats 10. This suits us when my family gets together as there are 10 of us. 
Throughout the year I enjoy hosting events bringing our family together. The main one being Easter Sunday Brunch. This is how I’ve decorated the table for Easter over the years. 

For other occasions our table has also looked like this. 

I am going to be hosting Christmas Eve with my family for the first time this year (a Dutch tradition) and I am already thinking about how I will decorate the table. 

These things excite me and I make no apologies lol!

So, do you like decorating your table? Can it be a dumping ground at times? Do you use yours for family dinners? Homework?

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