Lounge room • Design

The next room on my home tour is our living room.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Dad was visiting one time after the gyprock had come down but the stud work was still in place. Sitting there and thinking, he came up with the solution to have the dining table adjacent to the kitchen and the lounge room run through the existing lounge/dining rooms. I loved this new layout as it meant that the fireplace became the feature of the room, and not a television!

When we renovated this space, we moved the sliding door that takes you through to my studio/kids playroom from one end of the wall to the other and installed an electric fireplace with two cabinets either side, built in with gyprock. As I said above, I love how this is the feature in the living area and not the television.



I also mentioned in the renovation post that we sold our previous beech coloured furniture as I wanted to change over to white.  For readers from the beginning of the blog, you’ll know how much I love IKEA and I love the Liatorp range.  We purchased two bookcases with glass doors, the tv unit, console table and side table.  My clever husband then built the Liatorp bookcases with glass doors in and created the surround for the fireplace to be inserted.


With the fireplace the feature, we placed the TV unit under the old dining room window and to divide the space from the dining room, we placed the lounge to face the fireplace/face the TV. Behind the lounge, we have placed the Liatorp console table. This is handy place for drinks and remote controls on top and blankets stored in baskets underneath.

I also have a desk to the side of this room.  It’s a handy spot to work on the computer and monitor the kids.  The desk is one that we purchased off eBay and painted.  The shelves and supports are from IKEA.


Across from my desk is my chair.  I just adore this spot.  First thing in the morning, the sun streams in and helps to warm me on a cold morning.  A cup of tea and a good book and I could sit here all day!


And finally, our lounge.  We had hand-me-down lounges from 2004 to 2012.  That’s 8 years of constantly tucking in the Spotlight couch covers.  The new corner sofa was from IKEA and has been a fantastic purchase.  Unfortunately, this sofa doesn’t appear to be available at IKEA anymore.


Returning to the bookcases, I think they have been a great asset in protecting our precious items from little hands.  In these cupboards we have displayed momentos from our wedding day, honeymoon, the kids naming days etc, they all get to stay protected from little hands and also dust!  Seriously, I spring clean this cupboard once a year and there is next to no dust.  Awesome!

So, have you renovated your living room recently?  Is it on the cards soon?

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