Kitchen • Organisation

After a good few weeks of renovation, and having to unpack the whole house out of the storage pod, my goal was to just get everything out of boxes and away. We also had a 6 month old baby who was learning how to crawl. 

Initially, the kitchen wasn’t very well organised. As I got used to this new layout and worked out how I/we used the space, I had a further clean out and rearranged the cupboards.

Above the microwave I store my cookbooks. 
Below the oven I store our frying pans and baking dishes etc. 
Above the stove I store our cooking oils. 
Below the stove I store our saucepans, baking trays and cake tins. 

I store the above items there as this is the cooking/baking zone. 

The next cupboard along I store our Tupperware. You can read about this cupboard here

In the corner cupboard I store our ‘good’ plates and accessories as we only use these every other month. 

Under the sink I store our cleaning supplies and dishwasher tablets/cleaner. This cupboard needs some work but inspiration hasn’t struck as yet!

In the drawers, from top to bottom:

  1. everyday cutlery
  2. utensils
  3. special cutlery
  4. cling wrap, aluminium foil, baking paper, sandwich bags etc
  5. tea towels, trivets etc

In the final lower cupboard on this side, I store our everyday crockery and picnicware.

Along the top we have our wine glasses, display cabinet and our everyday cups/mugs/glassware. We also store some bins, bread and tea and coffee making items in this cupboard. 

Above the fridge is the alcohol and next to the fridge is our pantry and appliance storage. 

The reason why I store our crockery and cutlery here is because this is where the kettle and toaster are, therefore making tea, coffee and toast, and where we plate up our meals. 

I treat the island bench as my prep space so I like to have all the things handy that I use for making meals. In the island bench we have:

  1. Mixing bowls, sieves, chopping boards, scales
  2. Plastic platters, vases
  3. Servingware – platters etc

So, technically 4 ‘zones’ I guess – preparing, cooking, serving and cleaning. 

Do you organise your kitchen like this? Into zones? Do you have an appliance cupboard?

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