Finding your path

My heart is singing today!  I got up, got ready, donned my favourite colours and got Miss 5 and Mr 3 moving.  Dropped them at school or Granny’s and home to resume my studies.

Spring is here and whilst it is a little chilly today, the sun is shining, 3 loads of washing have been done and I have been head down, bum up working through my next assignment.

For new followers, I am completing an Interior Decoration course with the aim of combining that and professional organising and starting my own business – me working for me!  Today has been all about sourcing materials – fixtures/furnishings/furniture for a fictional shop that I would be opening in our local shopping centre – think Westfields. Whilst this may not eventuate for me in the real world (not sure it would be feasible here), I am having a blast putting it all together and spending up big with a fictional budget.

I’ve had a very productive 3 days at work, and am planning 4 very productive days at home. Maybe just don’t mention it to hubby that I am ready to get into our spring cleaning in full force – he may not come home from work Friday night lol.  I did the kitchen a couple of weeks back then dropped off but I intend to continue with Miss 5’s bedroom and maybe Mr’s bedroom this afternoon.

Anyway, spontaneous mid-week post – see inspired!

Are your planets aligning today?  Are you spring cleaning your place?  Are you studying?


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