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Ah, my kitchen.  I love, love, love our kitchen!

Here she is…


So, we should probably start back at the beginning.


As stated in my last post, we moved into this house in September 2004 and purchased it from my in-laws in January 2009.  We undertook some renovations in 2009 to the toilet, bathroom, laundry and front yard and in 2011 we tackled some pretty big work to the whole house.  We laid hardwood floors throughout the whole house, knocked down some walls and installed a new kitchen.

We knew due to budget constraints that we would need to do this ourselves.  A good thing then that we like doing DIY.  We did get a quote from a custom kitchen designer and the cost was $20,000 to $25,000 depending on quality of finishes 😳. 

After looking at both Bunnings and IKEA kitchens (and after having had Bunnings kitchen cabinets for a couple of years as uppers in the old kitchen), we decided to go with IKEA.

We visited our nearest IKEA and had a very good look around the display kitchens, opening all the cupboards and drawers, seeing what each item had to offer.  We then looked at the hardware options (door handles and drawer knobs) and the sinks and benchtops.  We then came home, measured up the space and I logged on to the IKEA website and used their 3D Kitchen Planner.

As you can see, we are lucky to have a large kitchen.  It measures 5.5 metres x 2.6 metres.  I noted down the measurements, took the measurements of the window at the sink and there is also a sliding door at the other end of the kitchen.  I inserted all those measurements into the IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner and then played around with the layout.  I ultimately settled with the above.

There is lots of talk about the kitchen work triangle rule – the three points being the sink, fridge and oven.  The kitchen work triangle is a concept used to determine efficient kitchen layouts. The primary tasks in a home kitchen are carried out between the cook top, the sink and the refrigerator. These three points and the imaginary lines between them, make up what kitchen experts call the work triangle. This image shows my kitchen triangle. 

Once my husband and I agreed on the layout, we returned to IKEA, confirmed the door and drawer fronts were the ones we liked, finalised our door handle and drawer knob selection and proceeded to the kitchen section counter to place our order.  We arranged to have the kitchen delivered to my mother-in-laws as she had a spare space to store the 135 boxes that were being delivered, and also space for us to assemble the carcasses, ready for install into our home.  It took my brother and I the best part of a day to assemble the carcasses and 4 trailer trips to take them to our house, a 5 minute drive away.

Our selections included the Lidi door and drawer fronts and Fintorp hardware.  The Lidi range doesn’t appear to be in stock anymore, but the Bodbyn range seems to have replaced it.  The Fintorp handles no longer appear to be in stock either and I couldn’t see a suitable replacement.  I liked the look of the glass-fronted cabinets and selected one only as I didn’t want everything on display all the time.

In steps:

  1. Install kitchen cabinets (we did this)
  2. Install bulkheads (plasterers did this)
  3. Install appliances (we did this)
  4. Install benchtops (stone mason did this)
  5. Tiling (I did this)072

Yes, I did the tiling!  I thought it was something that I could do after watching it be done thousands of times on TV.  After watching some more YouTube videos, I gave it a go!

One of my favourite features in our kitchen is our corner cupboard -what can easily turn into a nightmare cupboard!  When I saw this in the IKEA showroom I knew we had to have it.  I use this to store “the good stuff”


And now some shameless pictures of the finished product

And this is the view as we walk in our front door


The totals for our kitchen renovation come in at:

IKEA cabinets – $5,350.00

Benchtops – Ice White Quartz Stone – $1,880.00

Benchtop installation – $450.00

Bulkhead installation – $1,500.00

Subway tiles – $80.00

Appliances (wall oven, cook top, range hood and dishwasher) – $2,930.00

Total: $12,110.00

That’s a saving of around 50%!

I love, love, love our kitchen!  I love that when I am in the kitchen I am still part of whatever else is happening in our home, whether it be watching the kids or when we have people over and I am preparing drinks or meals.

Have you renovated your kitchen? Are you into DIY’ing? Ever tiled before?  Let me know!

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