KonMari • Kids wardrobe cleanout

With the warmer weather on its way, I thought I would take the opportunity to go through the kids wardrobes and clean out the old, organise what currently fits and make a note of what we need going forward. 

Miss 5:

So many clothes! Her winter drawer became too cluttered, I couldn’t close the drawer properly!

As with the KonMari Method, I pulled all the clothes out and laid them on her bed. I got Miss 5 into her room to try on anything I wasn’t sure would fit her, discarded anything not fit for passing down to my niece, bagged up items for my niece and returned current items that fit to the drawers/wardrobe. 

From going through this process, I know Miss 5 needs:

  1. Raincoat
  2. Swimwear
  3. Pink converse
  4. Black boots
  5. Black ballet flats
  6. Silver/gold sandals
  7. Thongs

Master 3:
I followed the same system for Master 3 of pulling everything out. A number of items needed to go as they were a size 2 and far too short on him now.  I use the Scubb boxes from IKEA to sort like items together in his drawers. This works especially for my husband as the clothes for daycare go in the larger boxes. 

From going through this process, I know Master 3 needs:

  1. Swimwear
  2. Size 3/4 singlets
  3. Daycare hat
  4. Winter daycare clothes
  5. Home sandals
  6. Thongs
  7. Kicker shoes

Out of their rooms came a bag of clothes each, a bag of shoes from Miss 5, a small bag for a friend from Master 3 and a bag of linen for donation. 

How often do you clean out your kids clothes?  I aim to do it seasonally. 

3 thoughts on “KonMari • Kids wardrobe cleanout

    • simplyorganisedsimplybeautiful says:

      I do mine every six months. With my fluctuating size, I need to know that what’s in my wardrobe still fits. Anything that doesn’t fit gets relegated to the bottom drawer. Did you manage to get it done yesterday, Tina?

      Liked by 1 person

      • tinakmeyer says:

        I did. Less to throw or donate than I expected so I was happy with myself lol. Then I did the kitchen. Tomorrow the garage or spare room. Heaven help me 🙏🏻

        I think it’s best to stay on top of it. That’s going to be my aim for next year.


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