It’s my birthday!

Good morning!  Would you believe it’s my birthday today!  Yep!

33 years old and perfectly happy with it, thank you!

Some of my friends have a real issue with ageing each year. Whether they are my age, younger or older and I just don’t get it!  Sure there are a few greys creeping  in, but nothing a bit of hair dye can’t fix!

Today has brought cuddles, a cup of tea and presents in bed from my hubby and kids. Hubby then took Mr 3 off to daycare and headed to work and I get to spend the day with Miss 5. 

A bit of breakfast in our fave cafe. 

Home to get Miss 5’s hair in a perfect bun. 

Dance exams. 

A special treat for Miss 5 who had her ears pierced. 

Then the afternoon will be ours before heading out to dinner with some of our family. 

Tell me, what do you like to do on your birthday?  Do you make a fuss or is it a bit of a non-event?  Do you mind ageing?

2 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!

  1. Kat says:

    Looks like a lovely birthday! I don’t mind ageing, I think of it more as growing and maturing in life. In The best ways of course! For my birthdays since I’ve had kids, I really enjoy taking a break from cooking for the day. Maybe going out, or takeaway, or both (there are 3 meals in the day, right?!). I the week before or after, I like to take some time for myself or with friends, enjoy or treat myself a little. It doesn’t happen much the rest of the year so I think of it as a special way to celebrate once a year 🙂


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