Fathers Day • 2016

On Saturday afternoon/evening we celebrated the occasion with my Dad. Unfortunately my brother had to work but the rest of us got together at our house for a yummy cheese platter, wine, main and dessert.

My sister-in-law puts together a mean cheese platter so that’s what I asked her to bring. On Saturday she brought Smoked Dutch Cheese, Ash Brie, Caremalised French Onion dip and an assortment of biscuits. 

I wanted to spend time with my family, and not stuck in the kitchen so I decided to make BabyMac’s Chorizo Chicken. A one pan dish that goes in the oven! 🙌🏻. It was delish and everyone thought so. It doesn’t look very pretty below though …

My Dad was born in Holland and emigrated to Australia when he was 18 months old. Dutch traditions continued when his family moved to Australia, one of them being Ollibollen (basically a donut ball with raisins and apples inside). Whilst the tradition is that it be made on New Years Eve, it was lovely to have Dad bring this in Saturday. 

On Sunday it was all about my Hubby. The kids made beautiful crafts at school/daycare. Miss 5 selected a game to play with Daddy and something to help him locate his keys. I indulged him with a favourite chocolate, bought in bulk from the Lindt outlet. Shopping at Levi’s in the near future will complete the gift giving. 

Hubby requested a Mediterranean omelette for breakfast on Sunday. This is what I came up with:

Eggs, chorizo, sundried tomato, chives, olive oil and fresh bread.

Served in bed with love, presents and cuddles. 
The balance of the day was spent with a trip to a local cafe for lunch and a bush walk in the glorious weather in the afternoon.

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