I’m a “Bad Mom”


I went to see Bad Moms on Thursday night with a girlfriend and we laughed, cried from laughing and nodded along in understanding.  

It got me thinking about Simply Organised. Simply Beautiful and the fact that I show the organised parts of our home, my life. 

I am a “bad mum”. 

I yell at the kids. 

I get lazy and use the TV as a babysitter when it’s all gotten too much, when I need peace from the fights between Miss 5 and Mr 3. 

I placed a lunch order for Miss 5 on Friday because I couldn’t be arsed to make the ham and cheese sandwich myself. I had all the ingredients to make it in the fridge. The apple for Crunch and Sip went to school uncut. 

I spend swimming lessons on my phone because it’s 30 minutes, two times a week that I can spend writing blog posts. 45 minutes at dancing each week also provides the same outlet. 

I swear in front of the kids too. It was a life highlight when Mr 3 dropped “f’n’hell” in front of his daycare teacher at parent-teacher interviews. 

I’m not a fun mum often either. As you know; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s are my work days which sees the mornings as a gamut of orders being thrown at them. Get up! Get dressed! Make your bed! Brush your hair! In the evenings the TV goes on whilst I try to cook a nutritious dinner in 20 minutes, empty school bags, get Miss 5 to do her homework, re-pack bags and get everyone to the dining table. Thursday and Friday afternoons are spent doing much the same, but I try and add in a homemade afternoon tea, study, tidying, cleaning etc too!

When I shared this post with my husband, he was vehemently opposed to it. He knows that the above is all sarcastic, and that I am, in fact, a good mum, but that there are some people out there that would class me as a bad mum from what I’ve written above. 

I think we all have our good days, our bad days and our average days. Our kids also have their good days and bad days too. The proof on whether or not we have been good or bad Mum’s really comes when they become adults. I’m hopeful we will turn out kind, considerate adults. 

Have you seen the movie? Are you a bad mum too? Is today a good day or a bad day?

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