My KonMari Journey • Books

I have and will continue to share with you about my KonMari journey.  You can read my previous posts here, here, here and here.

I had a book case full of books, plus a kitchen cupboard full of recipe books. When I went through this category the first time I thought about what I wanted to achieve.

I love reading, the act of reading brings me joy but, I only tend to read books once. The same with movies, hence why we don’t tend to buy DVD’s.  I knew it was time to discard the majority of them.

I have tried to locate photos from when I did this a year ago, but can’t locate them. Safe to say though that there were at least 3, if not 5 boxes of books that made there way to Lifeline. I did attempt selling them on eBay and at a second hand book store but had no luck.

This time around I knew this would be an easy category to complete as I have taken to purchasing my books on iBooks and read them on my phone. I find this really convenient as I always have my phone with me so I can read anywhere with ease. I don’t find my iPhone 6 screen too small and the font size is adjustable too.

Upon trying to locate my fiction books I have realised that I have only kept the Harry Potter series, something I can’t wait to share with Miss 5 and Mr 3 when they are older!

This is my current study collection:

I have no plans to discard these books. There is so much good information in them, that even after completing my course, will more than likely still be useful.  I’m actually looking to expand this selection with some books by Sarah Richardson as I truly love her work!

This is my current recipe book collection:

Whilst I mainly go to Google or to locate a recipe, I do still like to head to a hard copy recipe book for inspiration at times. I am comfortable with the amount of cool books I have left.  

Magazines. I was never really a big magazine buyer, but with my growing interest in interior decoration and my mother-in-law passing on all her decorating magazines, I have quite a collection, and they’re actually an educational tool now, in conjunction with my course. I usually only have a few, but haven’t been reading them lately. I went through and got rid of a few, but will now ensure I spend some time on my work day commute to go through them, note down websites I need to visit, tag pages for keeping and discard once I have finished. 

My keep pile (for now)

My discard pile:

So, would you go this far?  As I said above, I had no plans on reading the books I discarded again and it has freed up space in my studio/kids playroom, giving us all some more room. Winning!


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