These are a few of my favourite things

An interior designer I recently started following on Instagram recently shared a picture of her home, with lamps, candles and fireplace lit and I swooned.  It got me thinking about some my favourite things.

A made bed

I love clean sheet day.  Not so much the stripping and washing, hanging and folding of sheets, but getting into a bed with clean sheets is what my sweet dreams are made of!  I also like knowing that all the beds are made.  These days seem more productive, I don’t know why, they just are and it’s awesome to get into bed at the end of a long day.


The beginning of the day

I am a morning person!  It doesn’t come quite as quickly these days with Mr 3 up anytime from 6.00am, but I am still a morning person.  I love the ritual of going from room to room, making beds, opening blinds.  This is especially true of opening the blinds/curtains in our open plan kitchen/dining/lounge area.  The sun fills these rooms in the morning and it is joyful to see all our hardwork of renovations over the years, lit by the sunlight.


The ending of the day

Especially in winter, I love the ritual of going from room to room, closing blinds/curtains, turning on lamps, getting pyjamas out and setting a relaxing mood for my family to relax into before bedtime.



I like a good cup of tea, always tasting better of course when my husband makes it.  I love a good pot of tea even more!  Teamed with chocolate, I may let out a little groan!!!


My chair

I have wanted a wing-backed chair for a long time and finally found one on e-Bay for the right price about a year ago.  Talked hubby into it and it is the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in.  When I am sick (you know that dry cough that always starts just as you nod off…) I can sleep in that chair all night and not have any aches or pains in the morning.  I enjoy cups of tea and reading interior design magazines there too.


A hot bath

I know you’re not supposed to come out of the bath looking like a beetroot but I can’t resist a nice hot bath, sometimes teamed with Radox or Epsom salts and lavender.  Always good after a long day.  Pop on some clean pyjamas, clean sheet day, a cup of tea, I’m primed for a very deep sleep.


After a productive morning, I enjoy taking a nanna nap with my son after lunch.  I’m not talking about the prescribed 20 minute power nap, I’m talking 1.5 to 2 hours.  Very luxurious!

DIY/Interior design TV shows

I love sitting down with my husband at the end of the day and watching DIY/Interior design TV shows.  We chat about what we would do in their position, if we could use those ideas in our home, chat about our dream home and comment on the reveal at the end. Something we both have in common and good to chat about.  Bring on The Block 2016 – 3 sleeps to go!!!

Friday/Saturday night family movie night

Freshly washed kids, clean pyjamas and snuggles on the lounge under a blanket watching a kid friendly movie!  Lovely. 


I love heading down to my local mall where there is a massage and acupuncture centre. Around $35.00 after my private health fund rebate and I can enjoy a full body massage. I do suffer from some back pain so there is some ‘need’ to these massages, and it hurts at the time, they are so good!


I love Spring!  My favourite season of the year.  It’s spring cleaning time.  It’s the perfect season to open every window in your home to allow the warm breeze to blow in.  It’s tulip time, my favourite flower.   It’s my birthday.  It’s no longer cold, but not too hot.  It’s the season daylight savings commences in.  What’s not to love!


What are some of your favourite things?  What’s your favourite season?  Do you get time to do them?



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