Organising • Your Emails

A friend and fellow blogger recently posted about the relief she felt when she spent time going through her emails, deleting and organising them. 

It is a rare day that I don’t go home from work with an empty inbox. It is also rare that I have more than 10 items in my personal email folder. 

How do I do it?

I get stressed when I see people’s inbox and it is full to the max! How do you know what’s there? Is there stuff in there that needs attending to? It REALLY stresses me out. 

This is how I organise my work email, we use Outlook:

I keep things organised, like filing them away. I create sub-folders within my Inbox, like this:

By doing the above, at work I can easily locate client phone lists, procedures I don’t recall, how to guides etc. 

This is how I organise my personal emails. I have a Hotmail account. Excuse the blacked out bits, but I need to protect some privacy. 

Again, folders for everything means that when I need to access documents come tax time, I know they’re going to be in that folder, and don’t need to search through thousands of emails. When I need to locate a receipt for something I’ve purchased online, I go to my receipts and orders folder. Easy!

Are you like me or are you happy with your inbox the way it is?

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