My KonMari Journey • Wardrobe

We’re going in!

I first did my wardrobe on 25 June 2015. Marie asks you to gather all your clothing from around the house.  Some homes have coat closets so you would need to empty them out as well.  This was what was amassed on my bed when I emptied out my wardrobe and all my drawers.

This is what I discarded:

Some of it was very easy.  I don’t generally spend a lot on my clothes.  My weight has fluctuated greatly over the last 5 years, so I don’t like to spend too much on each item. Some of it was hard.  There was a leather jacket I bought in Melbourne.  A mistake really, at the time of purchase and only worn once, but the cost of it was ringing in my ears.

So many left over coat hangers.  I donated a bulk of these to Lifeline with my clothes.


The finished product:



As I said on Saturday, with the recent release of the KonMari App, I thought I would go over each area again and see if I could improve some more.  

Step 1:  Make your bed. It will make it so much easier to begin with a flat, tidy surface. 

Step 2: Get EVERYTHING out. All tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, socks/stockings, underwear, seasonal wear, bags, hats and belts, shoes and jewellery. 

Step 3: Commence looking at, feeling and assessing each item of clothing. 

As I had already done the clothing category last year, and I have honed my skill in assessing weather something brings me joy or provides a purpose or not, I completed the entire category in 1.5 hours. 

This was what I achieved on the weekend:




I didn’t get rid of any handbags. I like to change my handbag depending on the outfit that I’m wearing. I have used all these bags in the last 12 months. I gave them all a wipe over and returned them to their dust bags.


I have plantar fasciitis and I’m in the process of moving over from the Kmart/Target cheap flats to shoes with better support in them. I have discarded shoes that no longer bring me joy aesthetically and as I replace current shoes with shoes that have orthotic support I will discard my current ones. This will need to be a gradual process due to finance.

Winter shoes:

Summer shoes:


I have a few scarves and I love adding them to my outfits. I only got rid of 2!  This is how I like to store them with this hanger from IKEA:


I didn’t get rid of any jewellery. It all brings me joy. This is how I like to store my costume jewellery using a key hook from Office Works and 3m hooks:

I can now say that everything in my wardrobe brings me joy.  There are clothes that are too small for me at the moment. I am hopeful that by the summer time they will be fitting me again. If not, I will reassess those clothes in the summer. 

So, one bag of clothing and one bag of shoes have been discarded. There is a small shopping bag of clothes for the rubbish.

You might think that I have too many clothes. You might think I have enough. I am content with the quantity. Certainly, before I commenced this journey I would have to swap my wardrobe around seasonally. I used to have a large storage container where I would put my off-season clothing and place up in the roof cavity.  So pleased I don’t need to do that anymore!

If you have gone through your wardrobe and don’t have anything left, consider reading Unlock Your Style by Nikki Parkinson. Her book is fantastic for teaching you how to build your wardrobe. 

Are you embarking on your own KonMari journey?  

Where are you up to?  

Are you pleased with your progress?

I’d love to see your pics too! Tag #simplyorganisedsimplybeautiful on Instagram, post in the comments on Facebook or message me!

3 thoughts on “My KonMari Journey • Wardrobe

  1. Robyn says:

    I love Nikki too. I have culled but nit km way as yet. Im doing the broken diwn into tops, bittoms etc to decrease a little and get used to having less. I am a terrible finisher-off of tasks and not enough time to do as one big job. Love your amount of wardrobe- mine would be about yhe same as i have many areas to cover (that will hopefully become a moot statement soon – in denial).
    Im getting there. Didnt happen overnight!

    Liked by 1 person

    • simplyorganisedsimplybeautiful says:

      Hi Robyn! It’s hard to set aside the time to get it all done, isn’t it! From memory, my husband was home the day I did it the first time so I was able to do the job without distraction.

      When I completed it first time I didn’t miss a thing. I was never wearing the clothes I discarded anyway as they didn’t bring me joy, so there was nothing I missed.

      Fingers crossed you get to complete it all soon.


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