My KonMari Journey • Vision

You can read about my Konfession here.

With the recent release of the KonMari app, I decided to download it, re-read the book and go over the completed sections, see if there is anything I’ve missed, and complete sentimental.

I just want to clarify, the KonMari method isn’t about being a minimalist. This is a common misconception I have read on different blogs/articles. It’s about only keeping the things around you that bring you joy, that make you happy. To some, that is a minimalist house. To others, it’s having lots of keepsakes around them that trigger memories.

The next most common thing that I read is “well my toilet brush doesn’t make me happy or bring me joy”. My answer to that is that a clean toilet sure does and unless you want to stick your hand in there to clean it, then the toilet brush stays.

It’s all about common sense really, without the excuses.

Marie Kondo asks you to create your vision.

My vision is a home where everything sparks joy or has a purpose, has a home and is easy to maintain so that cleaning my home is more efficient, thereby creating more time to be with my family and pursue activities that bring me joy.

Have you read the book?

What is your vision?

Have you started?

How are you finding it?

Where are you up to?

I’ll bring you updates with before and after photos as I go along! I’d love to see your pics too! Tag #simplyorganisedsimplybeautiful on Instagram, post in the comments on Facebook or message me!

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