Little Girls Room • Inspiration

Hi there!  It’s been lovely trawling through Pinterest, pulling together some design inspiration for you! 

Let’s get into it!

A great pop of colour with the feature wall and pillow cases. Such fun!

I like the use of the narrow shelves for children’s books. 

I’m not a fan of bedding with characters blazoned across them. If you are, go for it. Each to there own. I love the use of pink and blue together above and below. 

A slightly darker look, but well balanced with the white wainscoting and bedding. 

Fit for a Princess!  I love looking at Pottery Barn Kids!

Another ‘Princessy’ room. 

I love this!  Making the bed would be so hard, but a great use of space and lots of fun for the little lady in the room. 

Can you see a common theme through most of those pictures above?  I love using pink and blue together, which I did in Miss 5’s room. 

Some other colour themes to consider:

As I said Monday, I feel that little girls rooms (and really, all bedrooms) should feel calm, relaxing and inviting and I think less is more. I like white furniture, just enough storage and a small amount of toys (not always possible – we are lucky and have a playroom). 

And you know how I mentioned that I wanted to frame the mobile from Kmart as the art above Miss 5’s bed?  Turns out it wasn’t an original idea, I found someone else had already done it when I came across this picture on Pinterest. 

So there you have it!  Hopefully something there has inspired you if you’re looking to update your little girls room. 

Tell me, what did you love about your bedroom growing up?  Fave colour combo?

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