If you press snooze one more…


Do you sleep next to a snoozer?  Are you a snoozer?

Happy Saturday morning folks!  

It’s been a restless night here in the Simply Organised.  Simply Beautiful household. 

Mr 3 is toilet trained, but still likes to wake us up in the middle of the night when he needs to go to the bathroom. For some reason he got up at least three times last night to go to the bathroom. I’ve gotten quite good at sleeping through his callouts and hubby is getting up most of the time now. But not last night, we were each up three times for various reasons. 

On Saturday mornings hubby takes Mr 3 to Junior Kickers and they need to leave at 7.20am. Hubby obviously needs to set an alarm. Fine. What’s not fine is the snoozing!  

With each snooze he takes, the clearer I’m hearing each alarm. And then he presses snooze for the “last time”. Except he doesn’t move, people!  He lays there and I’m thinking “has he fallen back asleep?” And because I don’t want them to be late, I’m waiting for another alarm to go off and am now completely awake!  He of course has dosed back off and wonders why I’m a little hostile when I nudge him and say “shouldn’t you be moving?”

This is of course my weekend sleep-in. He’ll get his tomorrow, till 8.30/9am 😐. 

So, do you sleep next to a snoozer? Are you a snoozer? Is this what your sleep-in looks like too?

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