Nursery • Organisation

Over the past two weeks I have shown you our nursery we used for both our kids, some nursery inspiration and how we changed my son’s room from nursery to little boys room. Today, I’ll talk you through how I organised the nursery.

There are no built-in closets in this bedroom so any storage pieces had to be purchased. I decided one piece could do double duty – our change table would need to have drawers.

We purchased a Boori change table with 4 drawers underneath. In the top drawer I stored bibs, singlets, socks and cloth nappies along with creams and baby grooming supplies like scissors and nail clippers. I strongly recommend purchasing the little drawer box organisers like those pictured here as all this stuff is so tiny and can get mixed up easily.

In the second drawer I stored clothes that the baby fitted into and in the third drawer I stored the next size up.
In the fourth drawer I stored surplus cloth nappies and all the baby bedding and wraps.

The wardrobe: We didn’t need much hanging space for the kids clothes so I just used the top rod for clothing and then stored clothes that wouldn’t be fitting for a while underneath.

As shoes became a part of their lives, they started going into the top drawer of the wardrobe. The remaining drawers either remained empty or housed spare coat hangers.

We had a bookcase in this room which housed some decor items and spare boxes of nappies and wipes.

My main piece of advice is to keep the nursery as clutter free and tidy as you can. If you are spending many hours in the room pacing or madly dashing in at 3am bleary eyed and confused, you do not want to trip over something!

More advice? Purchase some plastic tubs with lids. As soon as my daughter grew out of a size, I would box them up, label the box eg, 0000 and pop up in our roof for storage as I knew we would be having another baby. When my son was done with each size, I passed gender neutral clothes to my sister-in-law for her future daughter and boy clothes to my cousin for her son. I strongly recommend dealing with this as you go because there is nothing more frustrating than continually going to put your kid in clothes to realise they don’t fit.

Some inspirational images of organisational ideas:

Links to the above images can be located through this Pinterest board.

Although my son is only 3, I’ve found it hard to remember everything so if you’ve got any questions you’d like answered, please send them through!

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