Nursery • Inspiration

Good morning all!  I’ve been doing some pinning and Googling and have found some lovely nurseries to inspire you if you’re expecting soon.

The absolute basics to be included in a nursery include:

  • Somewhere safe for your baby to sleep.
  • Somewhere safe for your baby to be changed.
  • Somewhere to store your baby’s clothes, nappies etc

My husband also suggests:

  • An airtight bin.

In my mind, that’s it!  They are the basics. I also suggest sticking with white or a timber finish with your furniture as these items are big ticket items that you don’t want to have to purchase again should your tastes change or trends change between children.

But, I love to create a space that is relaxing, organised and beautiful too. Here are some pics for you to go “goo-goo, ga-ga” over:

Optional extras:

  • Bassinette
  • Seating – armchair/rocking chair
  • Art/décor

When pulling the rest of the room together, consider:

  • Budget.
  • How you want the space to look.
  • What would you like to have in the room. Rocking chairs? Toy storage? Bassinette?

When it comes to décor, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. For creating art, there are a lot of free images to be downloaded off the internet, easily searchable through Google and Pinterest and very affordable art on Etsy and Instagram. Frames are also very affordable in $2 stores, Kmart and IKEA.

Soft furnishings?  I tend to look at Spotlight, Kmart, Target, Adairs, Treehouse and other stores available locally.  I also love Google and will spend time getting ideas and inspiration there.  When re-doing our nursery for our son, I ended up buying material on sale at Spotlight and making my own cot quilt cover as anything similar I found online was over $100.00 for the cot quilt cover alone!

Consider items given to you as gifts.  How many stuffed toys does a baby need?  Use those as decor items around the room.

What would I do now if I was expecting? (which I am not!!!)

I would love to use these colours in a girls nursery. So calming and restful!

My son’s room currently has these colours and I wouldn’t change it. Still loving it!

I’ll be sharing his updated room with you all next week!

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