These are some old shots of the room we used as our nursery. It has now evolved into a little boys room for Master 3 which I did when he was about 18 months old.

When we found out we were pregnant with Miss 5, we knew that we didn’t want to know the gender and therefore I wanted to create a gender neutral room. When purchasing baby gifts for friends, I was reminded of Beatrix Potter and her friends and knew this was the theme I wanted to run with. And run with it I did!

When I look at the photographs now, I can’t help but think I may have gone over the top, but that’s the thing with our personal style and design choices. They evolve over time.

I had also fallen in love with the sleigh style of cot so we started off by purchasing the Boori cot and change table. My mother-in-law was looking to replace her small wardrobe she housed seasonal coats etc in and I thought it perfect for a nursery. It was stained, not painted so we sanded it back and gave it a few coats of white paint. Perfect! We purchased the rocking chair off eBay.

It was then that I started having trouble locating the soft furnishings for the nursery. Couldn’t find anything, anywhere! Books and soft toys were about but not any bedding etc. I took to eBay and UK shopping sites with a vengeance. Slowly I found a bassinet blanket and quilt, a cot quilt and some fabric. Other Beatrix Potter items purchased online included a tissue box holder, bin, nappy pale, cotton tip/bud holder – basically = ridiculous!!!

I then asked a dear friend to help me re-upholster the rocking chair and ottoman with the Beatrix Potter fabric. He used the left over fabric for making our baby gift of customised bath towels and wraps. So lucky!

We had painted all the bedrooms this light blue a few years before and knew that this colour could easily be “girlified” with pink if we had a baby girl with some Jemima Puddle Duck accessories.

Such was my excitement that we had a baby on the way, most of the items had been purchased and delivered by the time I would have been 20 weeks. This allowed me plenty of time to “get it right”.

I wanted to be a bit crafty as well in the room and set about with some long stitch. Two to do as we didn’t know what we were having!

I also needed to create a light fitting and came across an idea online somewhere (Pinterest didn’t exist then). This is how that turned out.

It was all done and ready with plenty of time to spare.

I loved this room and whilst my idea of spending lots of time in here breastfeeding the baby in the rocking chair didn’t eventuate (hello 1 hour long breastfeeds and comfy lounge/TV) it was still a lovely room to come to for nappy changes and bed times.

When my son was born, we pulled back on the Jemima’s and inserted Peter Rabbit.

I will share with you soon how we have changed Master 3’s room.

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