Long Weekends

The long weekend is something we all crave for! I don’t know about you, but I like to look ahead at my diary and see when they are and see if I should be getting in early and putting in for an annual leave day off work to make it stretch that little bit further!

This long weekend has been lovely. We didn’t go away but we got to:

  • follow our usual routine of Saturday sports
  • attend the first of many Kindergarten birthday parties
  • go to our friends for dinner
  • take Sunday morning slowly (my husband got the sleep in)
  • go to my brothers new place and enjoy some time in the sunshine, and a lovely barbecue lunch
  • take things slowly Sunday afternoon

Normally that’s where it ends.  But no, we also got to

  • take Monday morning slowly (my turn for a sleep in!)
  • spend time with the kids playing, teaching my daughter how to do a blanket stitch for a craft project
  • spend time in the kitchen trying a new recipe

It was simply lovely.

Our kids are at an age now where we could let them go off with their friends on Saturday night and have an adult conversation with our friends.  The same pretty much went for when we were at my brothers house.  I sat outside and let the sun wash over me as I chatted with my brother whilst he cooked lunch.  It was divine!

There was also A LOT of this:

And this:

And there was also a lot of study.  I completed the floor plan and elevations for 5 booths in an antique bazaar and my first 1st point perspective drawing and 2nd point perspective drawings.

So tell me, did you get to go away this weekend?  Did you just take it easy like we did?


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