Vivid Festival 2016

Hi everyone!  With the long weekend here in Australia this weekend I thought I would do a quick post about our night out last night in case you’re looking for something to do this weekend. 

My husband loves heading into Sydney for Vivid. I like the idea of it but late nights, young children and crowds don’t do it for me. Thankfully, all the planets aligned and it was a pretty enjoyable evening.

For me to enjoy an evening out like this, I need to feel organised. I ensured I had extra warm layers in a backpack ready to go, afternoon tea for the kids to eat in a container for the drive in, Frozen on the iPad for the drive in and pyjamas for changing into back at the car at the end of the evening. 

We live 45 minutes from Sydney on a good day, forever away on a bad day. I was driving in alone with the kids and didn’t want to feel drained from constant whinging/question asking before we got there. 

We picked my husband up from his work and got takeaway for dinner which we ate in the car as we completed our car ride in. I didn’t want to (a) spend a fortune on dinner in Sydney and (b) spend an hour of our limited time eating dinner.  I thought we had about two hours in our kids and there is a lot to see in that time. 

For convenience, we parked in the Opera House car park. Entry after 5pm is $38. By pre-booking through Wilson Parking you will save you $5.

Our first stop was the toilets along the Opera Bar for cleanliness factor. No one likes porta-loos!  We then headed up to the Botanic Gardens. It’s only a short circuit but well worth it for this

Isn’t the look of wonder from the kids something wonderful!

My daughters photo:

These are the images of the Opera House I snapped during the night

We began making our way around to The Rocks side of Circular Quay

It’s worth a stop at Customs House to watch the short film projected on the side of the building. It doesn’t go for long and if you get there in the middle of it, it starts again in 30 seconds. It reminded me of a video game and the kids enjoyed it!  I was too busy watching it and didn’t take any pictures. 

One of the Harbour Bridge

We stopped once we were around at Campbell’s Cove and had a hot chocolate and rest for the kids, continued on and looked at the sculptures around there and then started walking back to the car at the Opera House. 

The kids became very tired at this point but were real troopers heading through the thick crowds. By the time we neared the Dendy, Miss 5 ended up on Daddy’s shoulders and by the time we neared the Opera House, Master 3 was on Daddy’s front. Can we say “Super Daddy”?

It was then time for final toilet stop and heading to the car. We then used the boot of the car to get the kids into their pyjamas, into their seats and under blankets for the drive home. 

Vivid Sydney concludes 18 June 2016 and I strongly suggest heading in. We might head in one more time to see what’s on offer at Taronga Zoo. We’ll see if we can fit that in in the coming week!

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