Master Bedroom • Design

Ah the room of the house that is meant to be our sanctuary. If I wasn’t so tired by the time I walk in here at night, maybe I would think about it more in that way.

This room has seen a few makeovers since we moved in, in 2004. I can’t recall the original colour of the room but on a trip to Noosa in January 2005 (where I also got whooping cough!) I came across a teal throw and euro cushion covers. I fell in love with the colour and so it came home with us and a feature wall was painted and lamp bases bought to go with it. Can anyone say “too much!!!”.


After this we went to light blue throughout and painted the other 3 bedrooms this colour too.


We purchased the timber furniture about 7 years ago. Here’s a lesson in communication. I thought my husband wanted timber so I agreed with him as he doesn’t make many design decisions in the house. When I ‘confessed’ to him last year that I wish we’d bought white but that I knew he’d wanted timber, he said I should have said something at the time as he didn’t mind. Oh well!

Don’t get me wrong. I do like our room although I think the thing I love the most (other than my husband of course!) is the artwork.

I came across Celeste Wrona of Scissors Paper Brush at a market about 10 months ago. I immediately fell in love with her work and was lucky enough to receive a gift voucher from my mum-in-law for Christmas. I attended the next market I could and selected two Release III and one Release IV and I have popped them in RIBBA frames for now, but hope to frame them properly one day.  I love laying in bed and looking at the reflection of the artwork!

Celeste’s work has been selected for The Block Shop and may feature in the next series filming this year.  Fingers crossed for her – her work is gorgeous!

In August 2014 my husband went to Japan for two weeks, leaving me at home with the then Miss 3 and Master 15 months. I should have just been happy with keeping us all alive, but no, I decided to surprise my husband with a bedroom makeover. I painted the walls a soft grey and hung a wallpaper feature wall.

I’d never hung wallpaper before and recall being up past midnight doing it. I watched a YouTube video, went to Masters to purchase the wallpaper and bits and pieces and went for it. It’s not the best job, and I’ve definitely improved (I’ve helped two friends with three projects) but there you have it.

I also decided to hang pendant lights to free up space on our bedside tables. I’m still pleased with this decision as the height and quantity of lighting is just right. Dimmer switches could be a nice idea though. A big thank you to my electrician brother who hung them for me!

I like to try and pick gender neutral bedding for my husbands sake. We currently have Logan and Mason’s Platinum Range – Kara Navy on our bed. The silver sequinned cushion was a bargain at $15 from Spotlight.

I like to keep the tops of our bedside tables clear. On my bedside table I have a very sweet picture of my son and daughter and a picture of myself with my son when he was a week-old. On my husband’s bedside table you’ll find a picture of him holding our daughter when she was about a week old, a blue dish for coins and bits and pieces and, unfortunately our modem. The only place in the house where it seems to work properly!

The tallboy houses all my clothes and on top of this there is a mirror used for when applying special make up, a photo from our wedding day, faux tulips that matched the ones in my wedding bouquet, a candle from a friend for my 30th birthday, my daughter’s hand print that I got for Mother’s Day in 2015 and two figurines representing our family. Above this, is a TV, a point of big debate internationally. I would be happy to not have this in the room but it’s here.

The drawers of the dressing table belong to my husband. On top is our perfume/cologne.

Not only do I share my bedroom with my husband, I also share it with our Jack Russell, Gemma. Our first ‘baby’, nearly 11 years old. She has a bed to the side of my husband’s bedside table but you’ll usually find her here:

Another point of contention around the world… Growing up our dogs were outdoer dogs. For my husband they were always inside dogs, a big part of his family. I was very happy to have an indoor dog and although I’d love plain white bedding, I love Gemma more!

That’s it!  Our master bedroom!

Are you loving your master bedroom?  Does it need some work?  Come back on Thursday where I will share some inspiration images with you, that might get you moving on updating your space.

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