Gallery ideas

On Monday I shared our hallway with you and today I thought I would talk more about the make-up of the actual photographs and provide some options for hanging your family portraits.

As I said on Monday, I asked my family to all wear tones of blue or white for our photo shoot. When I was looking at Google images or Pinterest, the thing that stood out to me was that by wearing colours from the same or similar colour families, the photographs looked more harmonious.

See below:

Whether it be blues and whites, blacks and whites, creams and browns, pastels, creams and burgandys etc, by wearing similar tones to each other, you end up with more cohesive photos.

I also found some ideas on ways to formulate the photograph composition from this article. . This article certainly gives me some ideas for when I take some photographs of my girlfriend and her two little girls.

And finally, once you’ve had your photographs taken and they’ve been printed, you need to hang them and enjoy them:

And I’ll leave you now with my favourite image from Pinterest:

Feel free to go and check out my Pinterest boards here and here.

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