Hallway • Design

There’s obviously not much to show here, I mean a hallway is just a thoroughfare to get to other rooms of the house.

But, with the removal of other walls in our home, there isn’t much hanging space elsewhere for family photos so I installed a family photo gallery here.

This was a blank wall for many years but once we had our daughter, undertook a pretty big renovation when she was 6 months old and repainted throughout, I wanted to hang pictures of our little family and our extended family.

Initially, I hung frames directly on to the wall but the spacing was never quite right and I thought, looked a little messy.

I purchased some RIBBA picture shelves from IKEA and placed the frames on these instead. IKEA don’t seem to stock these anymore, but have this option and this option available. Much easier to move frames around as I please, and not a million holes in the wall!

For my birthday in 2014, I asked both sides of my family to spare me some time to do a professional photo session. When I looked for some inspiration on Pinterest and Google images, the thing that stood out for me was that the images looked better, to me at least, when everyone wore the same/similar colours. I think some of my family thought I was crazy, but I asked them all to don some blues/whites and come along at the crack of dawn for a photo session with Sharon’s Photography.  If you’d like some inspiration for your own family photo shoot,  see my Pinterest board here.

I was so happy with the images I got back and quickly set out to get them printed, framed and on the wall. I reused the RIBBA frames I already had and placed them on the wall.

I love that they are directly across from our bathroom. Many a time after bath time we would stop with our kids wrapped in their towels on the way to their bedrooms and they would learn how to say their Nanna/Poppy/Granny/Aunty/Uncle/Cousins names and we could talk about them.

So, that is our hallway!

Next week, I’ll be sharing our Master Bedroom!

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