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I hope you all enjoyed my post last week where I discussed the design of our entry. This week, I am discussing how I organise this space to help us get out the door quicker each day.

Firstly, I have this coat hook and key hook.

Coat Hook – Kmart – $10

Key Hook – Laura Ashley

As you can see, this is where I hang my handbag, an umbrella, keys and our daughter’s epipen.

As mentioned last week, our buffet provides a tonne of storage and this is what we store in there:

In the little drawer we store sunglasses for grabbing on our way out the door and some insect repellant.

In the cupboard to the left, we store items for donation to charity and my kids swim bags.

*Organisational tip – as soon as you’ve washed and dried your kids swimming items, pop them straight back in the bag, in an easy to locate place so that when you’re yelling at the kids to get moving, you can just grab the bag and go!

In the cupboard on the right we store our kids daycare/school bags and in the cube box below, our picnic rugs so that we can grab them on the way out the door.

By keeping the bags here, I know that the kids haven’t removed any items, therefore there won’t be any last minute searches for items required at daycare/school that day.

In the centre of the unit my husband normally places his work bag, I have a vase from Bed Bath n Table and down the bottom we store our kids gumboots for easy access when muddy puddles present themself!  My son’s daycare shoes usually end up here too from Monday to Wednesday for two reasons. Easy access on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and to prevent an avalanche of sand escaping all over the house!

Now I don’t want to portray a false image that we live perfectly tidy lives.  We all dump stuff on top of the buffet or on the dining table opposite, but it is usually the stuff that belongs in or near this area. I try and spend the time that I’m cooking dinner (M, T and W) or 3 minutes after I get home from the school pick up, to empty bags, hang coats and keys and put bags away, ready for the next day.

All lined up, ready to go in the morning.

A reader posed this question last week:

“Do you agree with storage of family shoes at the entry way? Why? How?”

I don’t really have an opinion on this. If it makes your life easier then do what you please. It’s your home and you can obviously place whatever you like, wherever you like.

A part of the reason I don’t mind having the kids gumboots there is because it kind of looks cute. I’d prefer them in a navy blue colour to compliment the decor of the house, but my husband would probably be calling the local hospital for a forced admission to their psych ward!

Now I personally prefer that we all keep our shoes in our bedrooms, in the wardrobe. If though, I lived in a carpeted home or a two storey home, I may consider storing the most commonly worn shoes by the front door or garage (last point of contact before leaving the house).

There are a variety of storage options for this with many ideas located on Pinterest. See my board here.

If this was something I felt I needed to do in our home, I would probably look to the Brusali or Hemnes storage cabinet from IKEA. I would then place a mirror above and some dishes along the top for keys etc.

Here are some inspiration pictures from Pinterest:

If I was in my dream home with large garage or mudroom I would build something like this:

I like the idea of having somewhere to sit to put your shoes on and a storage pod for each member of the family.

I received some lovely feedback last week of people tinkering with their own entry ways and how much they enjoyed the post. Did you make any changes?  Care to share them?  If so, please tag #simplyorganisedsimplybeautiful on Instagram and I’ll check them out!

3 thoughts on “Entry • Organisation

  1. Jo says:

    This has given me some great ideas for when my kids start school. At the moment I have a hall table but there are only two small drawers there, I would like to work on a storage solution for bags, which I feel will be in the garage!

    Liked by 1 person

    • simplyorganisedsimplybeautiful says:

      Great to hear Jo! Before we had kids, we had a hall table but as you know, once kids arrive on the scene, there is stuff everywhere! Would love to see some pics when you update your space.


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