Entry – Design

I am so happy that I get to introduce you to our home!

I share my home with my hubby, our two children and our fur baby, Gemma.

In my previous post, I asked you to consider what your intention is with your home.  When I ask this question, I’m asking what is it you want from your home and how do you want it to look.

My answers:

What do I want from my home?

I want a home that is easy to clean.  I want a home that is decluttered.  I want a home that is welcoming to our visitors.  I want a home that gives you a hug.

What do I want it to look like:

I want our home to be a calm place to recharge ourselves in.  I want our home to have a consistent look throughout (assists with the feeling of calm).

To me, I have achieved the sense of calm I was after by sticking to a neutral colour palette of cream paint – Dulux – Hog Bristle quarter strength.  Our floor is also a light-medium hardwood – blackbutt .

Firstly, let’s talk about my front door. We installed the door seven or nine years ago and have only recently stained it. I know, terrible! It only took three coats of stain over two days and it took us seven or nine years to do.  A new addition to the front door is the wreaths with the ‘O’ in the middle that is the first initial for a surname.  When I shared a photo of this with select family and friends, they all suggested that it looks like a Christmas decoration.  I understand this, but to me it is my way of bringing in a Hampton’s inspired, year-round door decoration.  I might just dress it up with fairy lights for Christmas!

Wreaths – Spotlight post Christmas sales – $9.99 each

“O” – Typo – $5.00

Ribbon – Spotlight – $10.00 approx

Total – $35.00

Our entryway is obviously a space where we can welcome our guests, but on a daily basis it’s the place where we dump all the stuff as we come through the door. For this reason, I have placed a buffet by the front door.  I will go into further detail next week as to how I have organised this space.  A very practical but beautiful piece of furniture that houses a tonne of storage.

Buffet – IKEA – Liatorp $399 but we purchased off Gumtree for $150 approx. 

Cube boxes – Bunnings – $10 ea approx

Displayed on top is a vase that my husband and I picked up on a summer vacation in Western Australia at the Fremantle markets, my favourite flowers – tulips, candle, diffuser, paper weight and lamp. 

I asked my husband to place a power point along this wall over summer so that I could place a lamp here for use mainly in the winter months when we come home from work in the dark.  It gets very cold and dark here early during winter and knowing you are coming home to a warm (pre-programmed air-conditioning) home that’s not in darkness makes it that bit easier for me. My husband doesn’t seem to mind either way but goes along with my insane requests most of the time. 

See, nice and cosy!

Above the buffet are some black-and-white prints that my husband and I took on our honeymoon in 2007. These have been in position for quite some time with various hall tables/cube storage underneath. I am looking to redo the art above the buffet at some point.  Stay posted!

On the wall directly in front of the front door are three frames that until recently had white flowers with a lot of greenery around them from IKEA. They no longer fit with the style of our home but I didn’t have the funds to purchase new artwork at the moment. I took things into my own hands recently and got out my daughters acrylic paints one Friday night and spent half an hour creating these three “artworks”. I don’t claim to be an artist, but they’ll do for now = free!  I’m planning on heading to the local framers to purchase some new blue matte board to place inside the frames. 

Frames – IKEA – RIBBA – $15 ea approx

So that’s our entryway!

Next week I am going to address the organisational methods I have utilised in this space and also answer questions that have been submitted through my Facebook page.

Any questions please feel free to contact me through the contact page, by leaving a comment here, or through Facebook!

So, did you consider your intentions? Are you going to play along and consider revamping your entryway?  Have you created a Pinterest board with ideas?

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