Happy Mothers Day 2016!

I’ve been blessed with two children, Miss 5 and Master almost 3 and thankfully get to spend the day with them and my husband. 

I’m mindful that not everyone has a mum in their lives and not everyone has children, even though it is something they have held great hopes for. I know there are mums who have lost children. It can be a really emotional time for so many people and my thoughts are with you. 

If you’re a mum, step-mum, grand-mum, mother-in-law, mothering aunty or a mothering figure in someone’s life, Happy Mothers Day to you too. 

So, what are you up to today?  A lot? A little? I’ve enjoyed a sleep-in, about to enjoy my favourite breakfast of pancakes and then we are heading to a local community event where there’ll be markets, food stalls and family activities. I’ll then take some time alone to go see my Mum for a cuppa (we did a big lunch yesterday) and then some study!

Enjoy, and Happy Mothers Day!

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